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  1. Mary Jo this is gorgeous. I just love it. Your quilting really does it! I am curious though...are the circles appliquéd on? The pattern says no curved piecing.
  2. Wonderful. Good luck with your new venture. Lower prices are great! Look forward to learning more.
  3. Welcome Susan. You will love it. It's hard to leave our machines in the winter. I have a Millie and have been missing it while in FL this winter!
  4. Joey. I love it. Thanks for posting it. I shared it with my hubby who said "Way cool." I've never seen these fabrics. I will do a search now and see if I can find some. And is that a pantograph you used? Can I ask the name? Enjoy watching the Leaf's play.
  5. Joey - can you share a pic of your hockey quilt? My DH is also a hockey fan....Go Rangers!
  6. Beautiful! On my quilt bucket list to make someday. Love your quilting. I may have to use some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Oh my. Beautifully quilted. I'm in the process of making this quilt and this gives me great ideas! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Mine has been doing the same thing. Will be watching to find out a solution from all you experts.
  9. Just had the same dilemma when my husband and I left cold PA for warm weather in FL in our fifth wheel. I do not have much room either but my decision was between my Bernina 350 or my Featherweight. I decided on my Bernina. I am flying home the end of Jan for our annual retreat so I will use the Featherweight for that. Safe and fun travels Dave!
  10. Absolutely beautiful. What an awesome quilt. And the quilting takes it over the top. How does one pick out fabrics for a quilt like that? I'm not that creative! Love it.
  11. Just finished a small quilt that had high loft to the batting. I didn't like the finished look. The back was Minkie and it looks great but I think raising the hopping foot would help. But I don't want to compromise my stitch quality so I am going to try the basting method next time. Here is a pic of it. The batting was Hobbs Tuscany Collection Premier Polyester. She provided it.
  12. I had the same problem about a month and a half ago. Same shape of the hook finger. My APQS dealer bent it back in place and it has worked. I should reorder one to have on hand also. You're right Michele....the last photo is what it's supposed to look like. Good luck. I had to buy a new hook assembly and retime my machine.
  13. Beautiful feathers Valerie. I'm curious. Did you feather the borders and corners before quilting the middle of the quilt??
  14. Oh Michele....just had the same thing happen. I had to loosen or remove the screws from the hook assembly to get it out. Nothing else worked. It also bent the hook retaining finger. I had to replace that, the hook assembly and retime my Millie. Took me a week to get the parts from APQS. Was down for a whole week. Good luck
  15. Hi everyone. I need some help. This client brought me this quilt to do custom on. I am not a perfect quilter and have not done anything quite so detailed. Any ideas for quilting. It's just not talking to me. I need diagrams if possible since I don't completely understand what some suggestions are. Also, I think the borders are going to be quite full. And it's all paper pieced and small bits of paper have been left on the back. Will they cause a problem while quilting it?? Thanks for your help.
  16. My separate bobbin winder I got with my new Millie works great. Have always wound my own with it.
  17. Love Halloween. Quilt is cute! I agree with Charlotte on border. Something bright to frame it.
  18. Wonderful Marilyn. Love your quilting on this. And you're right, feels like Spring!
  19. Love this and especially your quilting Ardelle. I'm curious as to how long it took you to quilt it. It is gorgeous!
  20. Ok got the broken tip out of the hook area. I had to loosen some screws enough to loosen up the finger to get it out. I think it may need some polishing on the outside of the assembly. Not sure if I need to replace it?? And probably re-timing. Scared to do it. Is it difficult? Can I do it myself or should I get some help from my hubby?