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  1. How do I remove the hook finger. What screw do I remove? I think that may help me get the needle unstuck. I'm afraid it's bad. The needle tip is wedged between what looks like the hook assembly and what is behind that. I've tried pushing it up and out with a screwdriver but it won't move. It's really stuck. I will go check the needle set screw also. Do you have a link to how I may remove the hook assembly? Update: found the link. Now to figure it all out. May have to wait until tomorrow now.
  2. Help all you experts out there. I was quilting along earlier when all of a sudden I heard a thud and looked down to see the needle had fallen out of my machine. I stopped. Changed the needle and was on my way. The needle was not broken. Five minutes later there was an awful plunk and I looked at the needle and it was also out of the head and broken off. The machine sounded awful then just went off. Everything was stuck. Figured I then blew a fuse. I could not get the fuse drawer out. I will have to wait for my DH to get home and help me on that. Now the big problem is the sharp end of the need
  3. Back with a finished quilt...finally. I sure didn't quote high enough for this one. Every one is a learning experience when you're new at this. Client wanted all crosshatching. So that's what I did. I really wanted some feathers, etc. like you all suggested but she was pretty firm. In the middle of doing this my machine was down for a week while getting parts. I learned how to time her too! It took me hours and hours of ruler work, stopping and starting and burying threads at all the appliqués. Overall I think it looks good. She will pick up this week and I'm hoping she loves it. Lesson lea
  4. Beautiful Linda. I also have one of these to do. Seems to be overwhelming just to get started on the embroidery. But this gives me some incentive. Congrats on the ribbon!
  5. Thank you. I did mark the panto but I also had my DH come and stand on that side and tell me when I got near it. Didn't quite trust myself...lol. I am very proud of her and can't wait to give this to her.
  6. Proud Mama here...My daughter is a Firefighter/Engineer/Paramedic with the Orlando Fire Department. She has been there almost 14 years. She loves it and the brotherhood of the department. They truly are family to her. We decided she needed a T-Shirt quilt. She narrowed down many shirts and I even put in a patch from her Grampa's vest. He was a 65 year firefighter/EMT before he passed away last year. I thought she needed someone to watch over her while on shift. Why are my pics all upside down??.
  7. Wish I could afford them. I don't know much about them. Is there anyone in north central PA who has them and would be willing to demo for me??
  8. I'm doing the same thing. I'm not happy with the stitching and tension. Using a variegated YLI thread via customer's request. Have never used it nor quilted a batik top and bottom before. I'm using a 3.5 needle, Tuscany cotton batting (provided by the customer). Doing some "frogging" today.
  9. I had the good fortune to spend last week with my daughter who lives in FL. She traveled up to see us as we are traveling in our RV for a month. Best Mothers Day present I could have gotten. On another note my Mom is no longer with us and this would have been my Dads 91st birthday today. Lost him a year ago on the 18th. So a little bittersweet today. Miss them both! Hope all had a great day.
  10. Libby - it's gorgeous. So glad you took first. Well deserved!
  11. Beautiful! Hope they made lots of money from it.
  12. Great timing for this topic. Just about to start a batik quilt (first one) and my customer picked a YLI variegated thread I had gotten with my machine. I've never used it and I'm hoping it will behave for me. I use Omni, Glide and Bottom Line mostly. Omni runs smoothly just like butter thru Madelyn the Millie so it's my go to thread. Interesting to see what everyone prefers and what the variance is from machine to machine. And I also wind all my own bobbins. Great topic!
  13. Beautiful Linda. Love the designs, especially the border.
  14. Oh my Ann...I just want one roll of batting in my studio...lol. You have many. I'm curious are they all different kinds of batting? David - how high is the built in table. Could you make it into a sewing area?
  15. It's beautiful! Your daughter will have fun with this.
  16. Here are a couple of finishes for me this week. One is quilt related and the other semi related. I love instant gratification thus....a tote. The throw is one my sister completed for her daughter. Not sure what it's called but used QD 80/20 batting. Panto is "He Loves Me" by Anne Bright. A fun panto to do. Love the springy look. The Tote is Tuscany Tote by Pink Sand Beach Designs. Fun one to make. If the photos are upside down I apologize. When I post from my iPad I have to edit, turn them upside down, save and repost and they come out right side up.
  17. This is gorgeous. Love the colors and the quilting is stunning!
  18. I may be interested also. Just started collecting fabrics for an I Spy quilt for our grandson.