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  1. I didn't do any quilting before getting Madelyn, my Millie. I tried hand quilting but knew it wasn't for me. There are several great longarmers in my area but I'd always had an interest in quilting my own quilts. Bought her 2 years ago and still feel like a beginner. I learn so much from everyone on this Forum. Don't be afraid to ask. And Welcome to the world of APQS.
  2. Rita - I should have said bottom of the quilt up, not bottom side up. It would make you confused. Since you use the boards from the back of the longarm I loaded the bottom of the quilt top toward the take up roller instead of the top of the quilt. Clear as mud?? And Chris - I'm not sure. Don't see why you couldn't turn them upside down...hmmm. Maybe someone who uses the RNS boards could jump in. I bought these boards used and am jumping in without any instructions. Since I'm a visual person I found a YouTube video and watched it a few times before attempting. Going to start this week. Wi
  3. Great. Thank you so much. I think I will rip the selvedges off just in case. I'll show pics when done.
  4. Hello all you experts out there. I recently purchased used Baptist Fan groovy Boards. I want to use them on a 59x69" quilt. I've been debating on how to load it. And it seems like I saw somewhere on here that I should load the quilt backing bottom side up to make sure the fans go the right way? Is that correct? And while I'm asking can you load a quilt backer with selvages to the leaders or is it best to cut/tear them first? Thanks for your help.
  5. What a wonderful heartfelt story Linda. Especially at this time of the year. Bless you and Dennis for helping Jorge and his family out all these years!
  6. Welcome to the Forum Melissa. You're gonna love it here and you will love your Millie. I can't offer any help as my hubby put mine together.
  7. So...I have a question. I have a red, white, gray and black lap quilt just finishing the binding on. Fabrics were not pre washed. Should I soak it in one of these prior to sending it off? I've never done it before. I am very worried it will bleed and person getting it will not know how to treat it.
  8. Once again Linda...over the top with the quilting. Beautiful! Happy holidays to you.
  9. How about I send you all my UFO hand projects to do while recuperating...lol Actually good luck on your surgery. Will keep you in my prayers.
  10. Same to you and all the others here on this wonderful Forum! Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings
  11. Coming from you Linda...makes me feel good. Thanks for your compliments. And that's my quilting buddy Maggie! Look how thrilled she looks sitting there. But I couldn't resist.
  12. Updated post with finished pics. Whew...I didn't think I would ever get this done. It was mine so I really wanted to do some custom for practice on it. I like how the top turned out. I've learned a lot of what I will and will not do next time. Thanks to all who gave me advice on design. I knew I could count on all of you.
  13. Good topic. I've also thought about purchasing them. All good info here. Ann if you decide to sell yours let me know.
  14. They were in PA yesterday. Sending elsewhere today!
  15. Beautiful Linda. So glad you got something done just for you! And may I ask how you outline appliqué so well? I can't quite get it.
  16. Gotcha! Now I'm ready to dive in again. I've been dragging my feet about what to do. This sounds like a plan. And thank you all for the compliments. Coming from you experts makes me that I have hope although I will never be as good as all of you. Thank you again and I will post finished pics when I'm done.
  17. Oh you guys are awesome. I knew I could count on some advice. I didn't much like the ideas of feathers either Linda. So to make sure I'm clear you're all saying do ghost stars in the strips with the stars (they are printed not appliqués). I love that idea. Now...do I do them at random or jus a few here and there? Then you're saying echo outside the star (which I already did on one) then do a dense filler beside the echo line? Then stipple? How much dense filler would I use and any suggestions? Or are you saying do some dense filler then widen out and go into some stippling? Sorry I'm asking q
  18. Ok all you experts out there. I've had my Millie for about two years now. Have done a lot of PPP and small things on it. This is the largest quilt I've put on it. It has been hanging for a long time. So I loaded it the normal way not thinking very smart.... The quilt has vertical strips of fabric throughout the length of the quilt. These strips are either gold with a few stars on it or black with a few gold stars on it. There are lots of different blocks plus some appliqué baskets. So far I've decided in CC for the blocks, piano keys for the borders. Curves in the sashing. CH behind the bas