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  1. I can't open this file on my iPad. Will try in the morning on my laptop. I will check both lint and whether it's carrying the thread over in the morning. Thank you.
  2. My bobbin cutter on my Millie is not cutting. It has always worked and I use it a lot. It moves the blade to cut but doesn't cut anything. Any ideas out there for me to check before I call APQS?
  3. Mine does this too. I think it's only when you don't let it stop before reversing.
  4. My leaders are doing this too. Why?? Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong.
  5. Here is a quilt I finished from a reproduction block exchange with some quilty friends. The blocks were pretty wonky as usual when everyone sews different seam allowances. I did the best I could putting together. Finally got it quilted with Feathers All Over panto. Thread I used was a cream of unknown origins. It's a thread I wouldn't use again. The spool is unmarked and when I unwrapped it I must have thrown the outside package away. It may have been one I got when I purchased the longarm?? Numerous top thread breaks. But I like how it turned out. Pretty busy top but I think you can see it.
  6. Ok so this is good info for me too. I also have a question...what if your batting is wider than your backing. Should I trim it so it is narrower or the same size? And the reason I'm asking is because if it's larger then I can't make sure the backing rolls up straight.
  7. Super job Jennifer. So glad you gave life to it. Hope the church makes lots of money for it.
  8. Which way do you turn the number 8 screw? Mine does the same thing.
  9. I really like it so she can re-home it at my place! I'm sure it will be beautiful when you're finished with it. Please show finished pics,
  10. Haha...Barb. Had to read your post twice. I thought you were talking about mavdbp....lol
  11. Linda, this is beautiful! All I can say is awesome. If I ever become half as good as you I would be happy! I do have a question tho...do you have a pic of the back of the quilt. I bet it was as nice as the front. Keep sharing as I love all your quilting.
  12. I think I would check to see how fabric may cut on them. It looks to me as if they use them to cut prints, pics, etc?? Not sure.
  13. I bought some of Hugo's at MQX but it's wide and I'm not sure whether I just need to cut it down to size or what for my bobbins.
  14. Oh Jeannie, I sure needed this laugh today. And so true about APQS. They are wonderful.
  15. I'm going to try it then. I want to make a new quilt for our king size bed but when it's this size it can get pretty heavy. Thanks for the info on it.
  16. Adorable Heidi. I love the animals. And your quilting is wonderful!
  17. Question: Does the wool add weight and is it really warm? I've not used it yet but keep hearing good things about it.
  18. Great job saving those blocks. And I'm sure the grandchildren will love them.