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    apylinski got a reaction from Gail O in Design Help Needed   
    Thank you both for your input. I will certainly look at the videos. Cagey I think I actually have Angela Walter’s Shape by Shape book. I will do some searching.  
    when finished I will share here.
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    apylinski reacted to anniemueller in Pink Halloween Quilt   
    Look what I got to quilt!  It's a pink themed Halloween quilt, to display at our local hospital during the month of October.  Pink because it's breast cancer awareness month.  The Jackson Hole Quilt Guild rotates a quilt display every month at our local hospital.  The nurses and patients really appreciate it.  We've had a hard time in years past trying to find a pink quilt for the October display.  So we had the bright idea to make a quilt just for that.  Different people made the applique blocks, others sewed them together with sashing and border.  I quilted it, and just handed it off to another member to attach the binding.  A terrific collaboration.
    Last May I took a few classes from Judi Madsen in Salt Lake City.  I just LOVE her work.  So, you will see that she inspired this quilting.  
    The bat bra block is the one that really got me started with the quilt designs.  The lady who made it drew a spider in a web on the cleavage, so clever and so easy to quilt that design!  
    Judi had just posted an applique quilt that she'd finished that had bugs in it.  She gave the bugs motion by quilting a swirly design under them.  I thought the ghosts need that swirly design too.  Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?!
    I used a wool batting, glide thread with magna glide bobbins.  Love those magna glide bobbins!  Angela Huffman is a great source for them and her delivery is super fast.
    Thanks for looking!

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    apylinski got a reaction from SewingDiva in New Longarmer   
    Welcome. You will learn a lot from all the talented quilters on this forum. And enjoy your Millie.
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    apylinski got a reaction from KathyP in Dust cover for Millie   
    Has anyone made a dust cover for a Millie? I’m thinking mine needs one. If you have can you share pictures and possibly a pattern?
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    apylinski got a reaction from anniemueller in Pink Halloween Quilt   
    Awww this is awesome for display. Wonderful design and perfect quilting!
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    apylinski got a reaction from sdaurio in Quilted Vintage Table Linen   
    Beautiful work! And what a great idea using a vintage piece.
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    apylinski reacted to sdaurio in Quilted Vintage Table Linen   
    My quilting has been hit or miss lately.  Rather than try to make a quilt, I found this vintage table cloth and went to town.   I miss spending time with my Millie!  I do have to say that I love having quilts on the table.  Now I need to find a Christmas poinsettia table cloth!  I had no plan for this one other than, I needed to quilt some feathers, I knew it need checkerboard cross hatching and I just needed to do some crazy quilting!!!  Just makes me want to do more!  I put it on the frame and just got started.  Used a little thread in the process.  One layer of hobbs 80/20 batting, glide thread on top magna glide in the bobbin.  Hand guided with a little ruler work.   

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    apylinski got a reaction from T Row Studio in Project Angel Quilt   
    I would love to join you but we are traveling in our RV for the month of February. This is the first time I've left home without a sewing machine. I will send hugs to her.
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    apylinski got a reaction from Kwiltr in Picture Day Today!   
    Love your quilting!
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    apylinski got a reaction from LibbyG in Reproduction wall hangings   
    Beautiful quilts and quilting Libby. I actually made the first one you've quilted. But love your quilting job on it better than mine. Reproduction quilts are my favs.
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    apylinski got a reaction from T Row Studio in Dance of the Dragonflys   
    This is stunning. Love it. 
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    apylinski got a reaction from tootsquilts in Irish Stars times 3 Made the Quiltmaker Magazine   
    Beautiful Cathy. Your work is just fine and I really like that panto on them. I'm sure your kids loved them! Three....wow. 
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    apylinski got a reaction from RitaR in cervical surgery.   
    Prayers for you and your doctors Rita! And happy birthday to your husband.
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    apylinski reacted to Merryjo2003 in How To Price Making An Entire Quilt   
    I tell people, rule of thumb, queens start at $1000 for commission quilts. Price goes up or down depending on size of quilt and complexity of the design. That's usually enough to stop them. I don't like working for nothing for people who have NO clue of the amount of time and expense that goes into a quilt. I had one guy ask me why it was so expensive as it was "just sewing." So I educated him on the costs and hours asked him what he made per hour at his job. Then I asked him if he had the equipment, time, or skills to do it himself, because I would be happy to charge him to quilt and bind it when he finished! It just doesn't set well when people want a quilt, but don't want to even pay enough to cover the cost of the fabric.
    I also sell quilts at an annual craft fair. I sell queens for around $600-$700. Much less than a commission quilt. These are easy patterns and fabric I've found on sale. They are quilts I just wanted to make and don't have someone in mind to gift it to. It's so funny when people say they LOVE a certain quilt, then proceed to ask me if I have it in xyz colors. Clueless. Do I look like a department store?
    I've had boutique shop owners "kindly offer" to buy ALL my quilts (my whole booth) for 50% off the asking price. I refuse THEM,(I would rather donate them), and ask why I should PAY THEM to work filling their shops so THEY can double their money. One shop owner has come to the craft fair every year for the last 5 years and asked me the same thing. I guess she's hoping to get a different answer. Not in this life....
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    apylinski got a reaction from Gail O in Help - Backing too Short   
    Thank you all so much for words of encouragement and help. I have no backing fabric available so I'm off to my local quilt shop to see what I can find. I do go back to the conversation on what I could do and I went to You Tube and found a tutorial (I think it was quilted joy.com) and she makes it looks easy. Let's hope it's a fix. You APQS forum people are all so wonderful and helpful. I've learned so much from your posts.
    Again Thank You!
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    apylinski got a reaction from barbm in Replacing Gear on Millie - HELP   
    I am that chick Zeke. Got it done and she seems to be running fine. When I got it all apart I couldn't see a thing wrong with the gear so called Amy. She said as long as taken apart go ahead and replace it. So glad I did because it no longer makes the noise! She sure knows her stuff!
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    apylinski reacted to Oma in Better than diamonds   
    Yesterday Mike (DH) wanted to take me out to breakfast. I told him what I really wanted was to have my drawers from Ikea put together. Well, he made me breakfast. He worked all day to get the drawers put together and he took me and Makayla (GD) to Carl Jr's for dinner (she only had 30 minutes before she had to be at work). I told him this was better than a pair of diamond earrings.  It was a great Mother's Day.
    I got them at Ikea...a five hour round trip for us.  I bought six of the shorter ones and two taller ones.  Some went into my office and the others went under my longarm.  I planned for five under there, but I forgot I had an electrical receptacle put in the floor and of course, it's right in the way of the fifth cabinet.  I found another place for it and it looks great. The picture only shows three cabinets, but there is actually four under there.  I left the wheels off of these because they were a tad too tall.  I could have raised my longarm, but this was simpler.   
    Last week I got rid of my large ironing board and replaced it with this nice cabinet.  Then I recovered my big rectangle wooden ironing board top and look how good it looks.  So much more functional than sitting on top of the ironing board.  I have a place to put all my ironing stuff out of site.  Yay!
    Now I really need to get it straightened up and organized so I can start sewing again.
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    apylinski got a reaction from Leida Glez in Gorjuss, gorjuss and more gorjuss... gift for a girl eight years old   
    Really cute! She will love it.
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    apylinski reacted to jzollin in Batik stars   
    This is a customer quilt I did a few months ago. I wish I would have taken better pictures!

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    apylinski got a reaction from T Row Studio in Oh My Gosh Quilt   
    Oh My Gosh! Beautiful.
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    apylinski reacted to NollR in Thank for for all the prayers for me! Early detection is important!   
    This is the first time I'm  on here since my surgery in February. I'm doing well - not 100% but getting there.
     After no risk factors, I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma in early January. My oncologist told me I shouldn't have gotten cancer - but I did. My breast cancer ended up being stage 2 and was hidden in the mammogram because of dense breast tissue. Thankfully I was sent for an  ultrasound  at the same time, which caught it because I couldn't feel anything! Know your breast density girls and it you have heterogeneously dense or extremely dense breasts , talk to your doctor for additional screening - it could save your life! It did mine!!
    Thankfully no chemo is in the future for me - but 10 years on hormone therapy. I also have 1 maybe 2 more surgeries to finish the reconstruction process.  I actually sat at my sewing machine last week and sewed for the first time in months. This week I'm going to load one of my quilts on my long arm frame to quilt it to see how I can handle standing and working all day. I need to get back to work for something to do and also for the income!
    Thanks for all the prayers ! Support cancer research - there WILL be cures in the future!
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    apylinski got a reaction from Sheri Butler in A NEW VENTURE IS UNDER WAY FOR ME.....   
    Wonderful. Good luck with your new venture. Lower prices are great! Look forward to learning more.
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    apylinski got a reaction from SusanH. in Hi from a new Lenni owner   
    Welcome Susan. You will love it. It's hard to leave our machines in the winter. I have a Millie and have been missing it while in FL this winter!
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    apylinski reacted to CyndiC in Squaring quilts   
    Can anyone give any ideas/pointers/advice on how to square larger quilts after quilting? Are there any tips that will make it easier or more accurate?
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    apylinski reacted to LisaC in Desert 9 Patch   
    Here is my version of Karen  Montgomery's Painted Desert quilt. I made the top two years ago and couldn't quite decide on a quilting design. Once I did; I needed (wanted) a circle maker to execute the sunburst design. My talented husband made me one for Christmas and I commenced to stitching circles. I ditched the entire quilt with Sew Fine and then used a salmon variegated Magnifico thread by Superior for the sunbursts; and Glide Prickly Pear for the grid work. I used Lisa Calle's Pro-Echo rulers to do the Continuous Curves. I love how it turned out and am pleased with the results. Thank you for looking.
    Desert 9 Patch by Lisa C., on Flickr
    Desert 9 Patch by Lisa C., on Flickr
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