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  1. Hi Melody, I have had some inquiries, but it is still for sale. Feel free to PM me if you have questions!
  2. Hi Sue! I do still have this Quilt Path for sale. I am selling because it just isn't a good fit for me and I haven't really used it much.
  3. I am clearing out some things in my studio. I am located in Minnetonka, MN and have the following Circle Lord boards for sale. Prices as marked plus shipping: Wanders 12(open), King 130" = $220 **sold** Bubbles, King 129" = $220 **sold** Square Dance, Queen 115” = $210 **sold** Sakura, Queen 95” = $200 **sold** Milky Way, Queen 118” = $210 **sold**
  4. Complete Quilt Path Computer system and software for sale. Unit comes with everything it had when purchased in January 2015 for a Millie with 12 ft table. Selling for $7,000.
  5. I have recently purchased Quilt Path and am working on clearing out my studio. I am located in Minnetonka, MN and have the following boards for sale. Prices as marked plus shipping: R & S Designs: 4 of PR Cafe du Monde = $130 3 of LQS Dazzle Petite = $85 3 of LQS North Wind Petite = $85 3 of PRS Bauhaus Petite = $96 4 of JS Swinging On A Star = $130 Circle Lord Boards: Wanders 12(open), King 130" = $230 Bubbles, King 129" = $245 Zig Zag 12, King 130" = $260
  6. I am looking at getting Quilt Path and have a few questions... Does anyone know what the usual lead time is for delivery now? Is it pretty easy to install or will I need to have someone come out to do it? Is there a PDF that shows all of its features? Do you store the design files you've gotten on a computer and use it on the tablet with a thumb drive? I've seen some talk about no-sew area issues...is there a feature that allows you to block out a part of the pattern so it won't sew it out? If there's anything you think would be good for me to know before purchasing, please share!! Thanks in advance! Kristen
  7. Many years ago I had trouble with bearding, but I didn't realize at the time I shouldn't dry it in the dryer. It needed a good shave...
  8. I am curious about the updates and any warranty to follow the new owner as well. What was the verdict?
  9. I would recommend you start with the Glacier Star before doing the Agave Garden. The Glacier Star is a newer pattern and is laid out really nice. It's an easier one to follow as your first Judy Niemeyer pattern. Make sure you do the organization up front and take it one booklet at a time. After you have completed that one, I'm sure you will have no trouble completing Agave Garden.
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