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  1. Yes, Sheri. I do want the foot and mailed you something yesterday. I NEED that foot, lol! I am looking forward to using it until I sell the machine. Thanks!
  2. $5500.00 Ultimate II Longarm Quilting Machine w/IntelliStitch Turbo Stitch Regulator and 12 foot wooden table. This machine has also been upgraded with EdgeRider Wheels for a smooth, easy quilting motion. Features and extras include: Laser light, needle up/down, 1/2" foot and extended base for ruler work, Quilt-EZ stylus for use with boards,4 long tension straps and clamps, Pattern Grid plastic panto cover, 12 foot batting storage (can hold 2 rolls batting), free standing bobbin winder, Towa Bobbin case tension gauge, 100 Groz-Beckert 4.0 sharp needles, 10 Singer 4.0 Ballpoint needles, many b