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  1. I could really use advice on this Bargello quilt, I have not quilted a Bargello - the customer wants custom quilting - she wants to enter in a beginner level show. I am thinkinking some type of feathers. And maybe leaves in border.
  2. We were having this problem - I figured out that if our tablet was plugged into the usb hub and then the usb hub was plugged into the usb cord to the sewing machine head that the program would hang up and the longarm would just stop and we'd have to reboot everything to continue. I unplugged the hub. Plugged the usb cord from the sewing machine head directly into the tablet and haven't had any problems since then. Hope this helps you.
  3. We had the same issue with quilt path when repairing patterns after running out of bobbin thread. I would try to repair the pattern and nudging the needle to correct position get it all lined up perfectly trace to make sure and then when I tried to use pull bobbin or sew button the sewing machine head would just take off to the left or right and not stop until I turned everything off and back on then I'd have to reload the pantograph reset my starting point and retry sometimes it would work other times it would just take off again. If nothing else worked I would finally reset up the pantograph to start the row I was working on then I would take out the needle and let the machine "sew" with no needle until I got close to the spot I needed it at and then I would manually pull the bobbin thread and press sew - this would always work if nothing else did. I then would knot the thread and bury the ends. After many phone calls to grace company they upgraded our software for quilt path on our tablet to version 3.05.05. I no-longer have the issue of the sewing machine head taking off to one end or the other of the table. Hope this helps. Jeanne