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  1. I have a Tinn Lizzie 18 Ram longarm and was looking for a computerize system to put on it. I knew of a few brands but just today someone had told me about Butler Quiltez. Now I'm wondering how many are out there so I can compare and see the prices of them. Can anyone help me with this or if they even have a suggestion? I quilt on a daily basis because my passion has consumed me lol! I have been quilting for 2 years and have made over 60 quilts each one being a new pattern I had to try. I can do a few free motion designs but I usually go with pantographs (no drawing talent here lol). I said all
  2. Thank you for the information you both have provided it has been very helpful. It is a stitch regulated version and she was asking 3500.00 so I'm hoping that is a reasonable price. It looked like it was in really good condition and I liked the metal frame. The only downfall is it is 14ft... As I said earlier I am new at this so I'm looking to others for advise.
  3. I am looking for a long arm quilting machine with frame. This is all new to me since I have recently started quilting. Someone has one for sale in my community and I was wondering if this was a good brand. Royal ken quilting machine.
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