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  1. The picture may not be good, but the quilt (and quilting) is GREAT!
  2. At first I thought your problem was with the sides bowing inwards, but then I went back and re-read your post. It sounds as if maybe your leaders may have to be straightened, and if you float your tops sometimes you have to anchor them in some way (Linda's magnetic bars). If the quilts are very wide, I've found that the middle does get tighter than the outer edges so you need to deal with that as you go. Use your channel locks to scroll across the quilt to make sure they are straight across. It sounds as if you doing that, but if the bottom of your quilt is 1/2" to 3/4" off then something is definitely wrong somewhere (IMHO). I'm not an expert, but I would start with the leaders first.
  3. If there's a mistake in this stunning quilt, I don't want to see it!
  4. I got my milli at the same time you did, and also put the M&M wheels on. I am able to do feathers quite easily, and the more I do them, the better they get. No one should be in tears over their machine - they are too much fun for that! I agree with Barb - look over the download, and if it isn't what you need, call Amy. She knows these machines inside and out and is SO helpful. I guarantee between the forum, Barb and Amy you will be feathering in no time!
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