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  1. Thank you, Heidi, that was a really clear explanation of the process. I've not ever blocked a quilt, but wouldn't be afraid to try it now!
  2. What a success! This is one quilt that looks like it will get a whole lot of use!
  3. I've always enjoyed seeing what you did on customer quilts - so glad you are able to finish one of your own!
  4. She has more hair than I do! What a sweetheart - congratulations to you and your family, Heidi!
  5. Great job - so many feathers! I love them!
  6. I've only had one herniated disk, and it was a buzzard - I can't imagine three at the same time! I hope they heal soon and leave you pain-free. Your quilting is beautiful and I've so enjoyed seeing pictures of it on this forum.
  7. Wonderful quilt - love the fabrics. Would probably quilt something with straight lines - not too complicated so as not to take away from the quilt itself.
  8. Please don't give her to the pound! Maybe you can find a rescue group that will take her - too bad you live all the way across the country. Maybe the owners will come looking for her.
  9. The piecing and quilting on this are stunning - I love it!
  10. If there's a mistake in this stunning quilt, I don't want to see it!
  11. Perfect quilting choices! Sometimes simple is the best, and I'm just loving this quilt! Quilting on the appliqué is wonderful, and, as usual, LOVE the feathers!
  12. Sheri - This sounds so intriguing, but I'm not really sure about the second part - do you have a picture or drawing? I love ruler work, and this does sound like something I would like to try.
  13. She is so happy - what a spirit picker-upper!
  14. You know how I love the feathers you do - what a wonderful quilt!
  15. Try turning your needle to the left a little bit. I've had that happen to me a few times.