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  1. It's WORKING!! Got info from Amy and went to work. Adjustments were minor, but oh, what a difference! Thanks to everyone who chimed in to come to my rescue!
  2. I talked to Amy today and, as usual, I think she came through. She thinks it's the table and sent me complete instructions on how to fix it (Janice, I can forward them to you if you want). I'm going to try it tomorrow first thing. Thank God for Amy!
  3. That's too funny! My dog used to lie on the batting - that got stopped when I started doing customer quilts!
  4. I have a call into APQS and am waiting for them to call back. Janice, as soon as I know what to do I'll let YOU know. I could've written your post - my arms and shoulders are killing me. Later......
  5. Channel locks are off - it's only hard to handle in the middle third of the table. I'm disgusted - the harder I have to push, the more wobbly my panto looks. I think I'll go to bed - it won't solve anything, but I'll wake up tomorrow ready to tackle this problem with a better attitude.
  6. Thanks Lyn - I did check the cords. They are plugged into the ceiling, and the only thing they ever hang up on is my neck! At first I thought it might be the take-up roller being bowed, but I checked that and it was level. Will check the table after dinner - thank goodness for this forum!
  7. Does anyone have an idea why my machine would get hard to move in the middle of the quilt? In about the middle third it feels like I'm trying to push an elephant around (and a stubborn one at that!) I have M&M wheels - it just shouldn't be this hard! The stitches are great, the thread never breaks - ideas, anyone?
  8. Beautiful quilting = don't forget to let us see it when it's done!
  9. Ever since you've been on the forum I have LOVED your quilting! Good luck with the little one - be sure to give us all the details, for sure it will be less work than the quilting you do!
  10. Your feathers look great - I especially like the double hump ones. I see at least 2 things I would like to try myself - thank you for sharing!
  11. Way cool - I have a Viking that I love, but if it ever conks out I would definitely check out Juki!
  12. I'm going, and will be there all week. Since none of you know what I look like, I guess I'll just have to introduce myself if I see you! I've not been too active with comments, but would sure like to meet all the people who have been so helpful to me over the years. See you soon!
  13. Wonderful pattern choice and beautiful quilting - who could ask for more?
  14. You did a wonderful job - I really like this quilt. The "feather buds" are something I'm going to have to tuck away for a future quilt!
  15. You mean you HAVEN'T been quilting with a stitch regulator?!??! OMG, I can't believe it! I'm SO looking forward to seeing what you do now!
  16. Teresa, I think you're right - the quilting would look good and would be fun to do, too!
  17. You did a wonderful job of quilting and saved some vintage blocks in the process. Just exactly right!
  18. I would like one of those tools - Linda, I have ordered things from you before, would you please get in touch with me with a price?
  19. It took me ages to figure out that my backing leader had a huge pleat in it (from when I first got my machine!). Now I just tug the pleat out when I'm loading the back onto the machine, and that seems to fix the problem. When these leaders are too gross to work with, then I'll change them out with new ones and make sure there are no pleats - although I'm kinda used to them now!
  20. I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to have to drop out. Next time.....