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    mamaahma got a reaction from T Row Studio in Ice dyeing piece   
    Oh, Yeah!!
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    mamaahma reacted to T Row Studio in Ice dyeing piece   
    Well I was dabbling with some ice dyeing. Here is one of the pieces I did this week-end not thrilled with the results but I quilted it anyway...I like it alot more now. What do you think




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    mamaahma got a reaction from LibbyG in Rangely Star   
    Libby, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.  The same thing has happened to me.  Sometimes I think the judges are not really interested in whether or not the quilting is appropriate for the fabric, they just want to see a lot of it.  YOU are the one that is important here, and if you like it then that's that.  By the way, I see by the comments that plenty of other people like it, too!
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    mamaahma reacted to T Row Studio in french braid quilt   
    Here is the french braid quilt finished. a light custom on this one. Chris did a great job piecing this bright beauty I love Black and White quilts and the lime just sets it off. I did include a before and after quilting shot as well as a shot of the back. the back is black fireside but when you photograph it it turns grey- go figure 
    Have a great day
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    mamaahma reacted to EHonour in Lucey just arrived   
    Made the decision to buy Lucey after the AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah.  Took a lesson with Angela Huffman in Louisville 3 weeks ago on her in-store Lucey to seal the deal.  Did all the quilting on this lap-sized quilt in about 2.5 hours that day, which convinced me to complete the purchase!  (My wife had done the blocks some years ago; I assembled the top before that lesson.)  As a practice quilt, I'm pretty amazed. 

    And then I just got the machine this week.  Here's my first at-home work, a practice piece for the border on another quilt that my wife already has waiting to go.  Thanks again to Angela for her class last week on feathers!

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    mamaahma reacted to T Row Studio in Chop Sticks Quilt   
    Jan's custom quilt, made using Jay Bird design Pattern called Chop Sticks., and fabrics by Jackie Studios called Heavy Metal. It turned out amazing. I SID around the triangles and added two straight lines in the narrow border and loops in the larger borders. the centers I did a different fill in each one. That was a bit of a challenge for sure. Jan was over the moon excited when she saw it. She chose to use a fireside fleece on the back and a wool for the batting so there is beautiful definition on the stitching. She went right home and threw it on the bed and sent me a picture. I think she likes it. What do you think? I did add a before picture, top right. Thanks for looking have a great day

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    mamaahma got a reaction from T Row Studio in Chop Sticks Quilt   
    Love it!
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    mamaahma got a reaction from LibbyG in Spring Basket -It's a Winner-And it's BEST OF SHOW   
    So great - it must've taken months!
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    mamaahma got a reaction from T Row Studio in Bonnie Hunters Mystery 2016 Allietare   
    Colors, quilting and kiddo - all so beautiful!
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    mamaahma got a reaction from ffq-lar in Price for Squaring up the Backing and Batting   
    I load all my backs using Linda's method - this way is the BOMB!!
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    mamaahma reacted to T Row Studio in customer quilt won first   
    My Customer Jan won first place for her Laundry Basket Quilt called Family Tree. she machine button hole stitched it and I did  custom quilting edge stitched around the applique then added different fills in each block. I was pleased with how it turned out 


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    mamaahma reacted to Sheri Butler in A NEW VENTURE IS UNDER WAY FOR ME.....   
    I was contacted by a company to design quilting templates for long-arm, mid-arm and short-arm machines.
    It is in the pre-planning stages, but, if all goes...I will let all you template users here, have first shot at some new designs!!!
    I am shooting for Very Reasonably Priced templates, with top grade plastic,.. and they've agreed to the lowest shipping rates with no extra fees!
    Fingers crossed!
    Being Centrally located in the U.S. will help everyone with shipping costs too!!!
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    mamaahma reacted to Oma in MSQ Illusion Quilt finished   
    I've been working on this since last summer and finally finished it today.  It should have only taken me a couple of days, but I kept being interrupted and doing other things.  While trying to clean my room this week I decided I would just finish it and move on.  Woo hoo...it feels good.
    The pattern is from a video I saw on Missouri Star Quilts called Illusion. I quilted it with Circle Lord Cosmos.
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    mamaahma reacted to Merryjo2003 in Orbital View done!   
    Hi all!  Thought you would enjoy seeing this one.  This quilt belongs to a customer.  She did a fantastic piecing job on this huge110 inch sq. top!  Lovely gradient fabrics in great colors.  I did not want to give this one back!!!!  I told her I would quilt all her quilts for free for the next 5 years in exchange!  I could only work on it for about 3-4 hours at a time before my hands would cramp from all the small pebbles, so it was on the machine for a long time.  I can't take credit for the quilting design as this is how it appeared (as best as I could see) on the pattern jacket.  It's called, "Orbital View", by Mary Lou Hallenbeck.


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    mamaahma got a reaction from T Row Studio in Eye spy quilt for my Grandson   
    What a success!  This is one quilt that looks like it will get a whole lot of use!
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    mamaahma got a reaction from CyndiC in Squaring quilts   
    Thank you, Heidi, that was a really clear explanation of the process.  I've not ever blocked a quilt, but wouldn't be afraid to try it now!
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    mamaahma got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Squaring quilts   
    Thank you, Heidi, that was a really clear explanation of the process.  I've not ever blocked a quilt, but wouldn't be afraid to try it now!
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    mamaahma reacted to T Row Studio in Eye spy quilt for my Grandson   
    Here is the latest eye spy, Road racing quilt I made for my grandson, He turned one year old yesterday and he is such a little boy

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    mamaahma reacted to T Row Studio in NQR Care to guess twin gender? - Now with picture   
    We are a girl power family also I had 4 girls and right now we have 4- grand daughters and 1 grand son and 1 on the way. they are so precious. My Daughters were together for a play date yesterday and after allot of work they managed to get a picture of the five of them all under five years old here is a picture of our grands

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    mamaahma reacted to LisaC in Desert 9 Patch   
    Here is my version of Karen  Montgomery's Painted Desert quilt. I made the top two years ago and couldn't quite decide on a quilting design. Once I did; I needed (wanted) a circle maker to execute the sunburst design. My talented husband made me one for Christmas and I commenced to stitching circles. I ditched the entire quilt with Sew Fine and then used a salmon variegated Magnifico thread by Superior for the sunbursts; and Glide Prickly Pear for the grid work. I used Lisa Calle's Pro-Echo rulers to do the Continuous Curves. I love how it turned out and am pleased with the results. Thank you for looking.
    Desert 9 Patch by Lisa C., on Flickr
    Desert 9 Patch by Lisa C., on Flickr
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    mamaahma reacted to Quilting Heidi in NQR My granddaughters   
    I had to share.  Just love this picture of my granddaughters.  

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    mamaahma reacted to chickenscratch in exhibition piece   
    Here is one I finished that will become part of a vendor booth at Dallas Quilt show next weekend.

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    mamaahma reacted to Cagey in Prewound vs winding own   
    When you say the thread broke, which thread top or bottom?  What are you using to wind the bobbin?  If it has an adjustable tension, how is the tension on the winder; tight or loose?  Lastly, is the bobbin being wound too full?  
    I do not believe you can wind the bobbin too tightly.  Those pre-wounds you buy are loaded so tightly you can remove the cardboard sides, and they still run fine in the machine.  Thus I hazard to guess that less tension is worse than too much, as is inconsistent tension.  I would suggest you tighten down your tension setting on your winder, and then load a three-quarter full bobbin.  Load the bobbin into the bobbin case, and check the tension using a Towa gauge or your preferred method of setting tension, and try quilting on a practice sandwich.  If it works well, it may be you need to tweak you full setting on your bobbin winder to shut it off a tad sooner.  If the thread is outside the actual bobbin, it can catch or rub on the bobbin case causing issues.  It did that on my old DSM until I adjusted the bobbin winder.  
    I know some may say that my machine only likes X thread or Y bobbins.  In a recent class with Gina Perkes, she said you have to be the master of your machine.  She stressed you can use any and all threads you want in your or any machine.  You just have to make the machine want to run it.  You are the master, so kick its butt and make it work.  She went on to say you may have to route one thread differently, or adjust your tension, use a smaller/larger needle, but any and all thread should work in your machine.  Keep notes on what works, and what does not so you can easily use that thread in the future.  Thread is hight tech now days with many different shapes, so you have to be willing to make adjustments to your standard setup to run those threads.  
    Best of luck to you, let us know how things work out for you.
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    mamaahma got a reaction from Primitive1 in Finally finished UFO   
    I've always enjoyed seeing what you did on customer quilts - so glad you are able to finish one of your own!
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    mamaahma reacted to The YEG Quilter in Memorial quilt   
    Thank You everyone for your kind words! It has truly been an interesting journey, and even though 41 years have passed since I last saw him, he is always in my heart. He was a good man with a great sense of humour. I see him in my children, and now in my art.
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