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  1. Hi there. I am having a similar issue with Lucey and Glide thread--shredding and skipped stitches. Did you get your issue resolved? If so, any hints on a fix? thanks!

  2. No, it’s in California now. I’m in Oxnard.
  3. Hi there. Yes it is. I’ll send you a message.
  4. NQS, Yes I still have the machine. I’m in Oxnard and have it set up as I found a place with a room. I’ve now done 4 quilts on it but honestly I’m not really enjoying the whole experience as much as I’d hoped I would. If you were interested though and if you wanted to make a trip up to Oxnard you could test drive it.
  5. Thank you everyone. Angie helped me via email and I think it’s good again. I kind of did what Nigel said after moving the needle plate for a better angle at the top of the hook assembly. Seems better now. I’m going to put some practice fabric on and give it a whirl.
  6. Thanks Nigel, i did do that and it didn’t help. Still noisy.
  7. Thanks Sewingpup. I went back down this morning and played around again and have determined that the excess noise seems to be coming from the hook assembly. Some of it is due to movement of the black part in the silver part but it seems more than that. I need to call APQS or watch the timing video again or something to see if I can figure out what is going on.
  8. I have an APQS Lenni that is a year old. Right after I bought it last year my life sort of imploded and I ended up moving from Texas back to California. While moving back is a good thing, I’ve been having trouble off and on with my machine since. I had to put the machine in storage for about 4 months while I worked everything out. It was in storage in Texas from the end of July to early November, so still fairly hot for most of that time. When I first got it set up I was breaking my top thread a lot but I was sewing on a couple of sheets from Walmart to practice. Going back to regular fabric seems to have improved that. I’m breaking thread again on my current quilt but that might be related to the fact that I’m trying to quilt with Aurifil thread which can be finicky in my regular machine. However when sewing today I noticed my machine seems really noisy. Now I’m not sure what’s wrong. The frustrating thing is that when stuff like this happens instead of working on figuring out what is wrong I tend to walk away and then not touch it for a month or so. I have to admit that I sort of wish I hadn’t bought my machine. I’m living in an apartment I don’t love as it’s the only place that had a room big enough for it. Also I really have no desire to repair or work on it but taking it nearly 100 miles to have it worked on is also a problem. I had went back and forth between a Lenni and a George and sort of wish I had just went with a George or another sit down model. I did list my machine to sell but didn’t get much interest in it. Any advice?
  9. Thanks everyone. I’ll try a larger needle and check the bobbin basket finger thing. I wondered about the lint thing too. It’s definitely been the thread as I’m using blue thread on white fabric. It also at times looks like it’s frayed.
  10. So my top thread on my Lenin keeps breaking. I’ve changed the needle, played with my upper tension and tried different cones of thread. I’ve also checked around the thread path for burs. I’m using Glide. It breaks going both ways but especially going right to left. I’ve noticed that I seem to have more thread lint around the needle area than I’d seen before but I’ve only had the machine for a year and I’ve hardly used it since right after I bought it last year I ended up moving back to California and it spent 4 months in storage.
  11. I got taken by Dave too. Thankfully not as much money. He came to me in California to fix my machine. Told me the people at APQS didn’t know what they were talking about (they said I likely needed a new shaft for the hook assembly). He “timed” my machine which I’d already done, told me I shouldn’t use magnaglide bobbins and charged me for service. He actually fixed nothing and later I still had to have someone work on the machine again.
  12. Leader grips I purchased for my Ult II. I used them for a while but never loved them. I know there are some who like them though. They’re for a 10 foot table. The website says they are $89 (I’m pretty sure I paid more). If someone wants them I’d sell for $25 plus shipping.
  13. Hi Sewing pup. I have friends in California. I’d lived there for 10 years prior to coming to Texas (I’ve been in Texas for a year and a half). I’m looking at putting everything in storage before I go as if it sells while I’m away from home I may not be able to come back to move it. If I’m taking travel assignments it’s usually a 13 week contract but I do plan to eventually decide on a place I want to be. Or how to go where I want to be which is pretty expensive. However it’s a place I love.
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