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  1. Thank you! I loved making this quilt! I hope you are too! Straight lines just seemed right to me-they didn’t distract from the pattern.
  2. Hello! I am finally finding my way back here after a long hiatus! I joined after getting my Millie in January 2014. But in June 2014, my 4 month old nephew Isaac was diagnosed with SMA 1-a terminal, genetic disorder. It is the #1 genetic killer of children under the age of two. At the time, my sister and BIL were told to take him home and love him and he probably only had 6-8 months. Well, due to intense care by my sister, BIL, in home nurses, constant prayer and support of people from around the world and now one year of a miracle drug called Spinraza, Isaac will turn four in February! He uses Bipap to breathe, is fed through a g-tube, and can only move his thumbs, shrug his shoulders and move his head slightly side to side, but he is showing small gains each month. I have run a GoFundMe account for the family since his diagnosis which has helped immensely as my sister has only recently been able to return to work and my BIL stays at home with Isaac and his older sister. If you are still reading-thank you! And I am happy to be back here! I am looking to improve my free motion skills as well as ruler work. Here are a few of the quilts I have done. Violet Craft’s Lion for my nephew-we’ve called him Our Little Lion since birth. I used channel locks and did straight lines every 1/4”-1/2” Quilt for our school auction. Kids drew the blocks, I pieced and quilted. t-shirt quilt for a customer. Pieced and quilted pieced and quilted for a family member-channel locks again-approximately every 1”
  3. Quilting that would be interesting! You did a great job! I need that panto!!
  4. I saw a Disney princess panel at a Quilt store in Moline, illinois this weekend. Quilts by The Oz. (309) 762-9673. She had a bolt of them so not sure how many were on there- at least 3-4!
  5. Very nice! I love the lighting you have on your machine! The floor is beautiful and I love the way you have your quilts hanging!
  6. I am also in West Des Moines and am excited to meet all of you! Please let me know if there is anything I can help with!
  7. How much are you asking for the quilt tops? I am interested! Thank you!
  8. Gloria, if they are still available, please let me know! Thanks!
  9. Jester State Park is just north of Des Moines and has many campsites. Creekside Quilting and The Quilt Block are both in the Des Moines area.
  10. I am in the Des Moines area too and I would love the opportunity to meet so many talented women! This forum has been amazing as I am starting this journey with Millie!
  11. I am still interested in a set of these books! Thank you!
  12. Thank you so much for the suggestions! I was wondering about keeping the selvages!
  13. I am about to load my third quilt on Millie- a quilt for my new nephew- it is 50 x 70 and I am using Minky on the back. I am not sure if I should use batting or not. I appreciate your input!
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