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  1. :)Very nice, It would be niced to see them in person, I am going to Spain in October, will they still be displayed then?
  2. ;)Paper coffee filters cone shape also work great. Tape or pin on the side of the head;)
  3. ;)All the stitches are uniform with SR, the movement of the machine doesn\'t change even with the encoder wheels attached to the side. Depending on what mode your in is to how you move the machine. There are 3 modes for stitching, the SR works great for the slower patterns or for the pattern boards, front work, HF or CL. I use the continous stitch with the computerized quilting. This mode stops when the machine stops, and it sews at a constant speed no matter how fast or slow you go, with the computers constant speed it works great. Free hand in regular mode, constant speed works great for pantos, doesn\'t stop when machine stops, you have to hit the stop. Needle up/down very nice also. This is the first thing I did a very small lap top, very fast to learn.
  4. My UII has no warrenty so I didn\'t give it a second thought, the I/S Turbo is really great,,, when Bonnie told me about the I/S last year I got Helen and Tony to installed mine, I did pay for travel and overnight but it was well worth it. I think the installer for Iowa is the east coast installer of the I/S. Bonnie\'s I/S was installed by them, she didn\'t pay travel or overnight I believe. You in the middle of the country, may have added $, but it will be well worth it. do learn to time your own machine if you can, also well worth it. I spoke with Helen last week about the intellaquilter, she was traveling and takes awhile to get back to her phone calls, but she does always return calls.
  5. ;)Wait till you see what she is gonna have, you\'ll all love it, She said she would send me the proto types I suggested to test, I can\'t wait.:)
  6. OK, I just got off the phone with Michelle the lady makes the templets. I suggested that she use her system of the turning circle for other shapes like hearts and pasleys, diamonds, stars in various sizes and then you can do more shapes in various wreath like settings, way cool, she\'s gonna do it. she said I could tell you all, ;)
  7. ;)Thanks, that could be very handy:cool:
  8. ;)Thank you for the pics MB, I\'m wondering what the tab does, I have the stacking circle templets from 1" to 12" but I am interested in these, actually some of her other templets, I have already talked to Michelle about these and she was very nice, and also does custom cutting of templets, she said the site will be up in a wk or so:)
  9. ;)I have 2 home made bases one metal, one plexy glass, both work great for ruler work, I don\'t make rulers because of the accuracy, I like to buy mine, I prefer laser cut rulers, I combine ruler, freehand and other methods for quilting. If your handy you can cut out your own extended base ,counter sink the holes and viola!!!!! Lots of people make their own, but if you prefer to have one made for you then their $$costly, but out therel:cool::cool: PS: at one time I posted a few pictures of my home base, it might be on the APQS threads I think;)
  10. ;)Went to the site but no pic. Does anyone have a shot of these?:)
  11. :)Bonnie let her quilt on your LA, with the new features you have it won\'t be hard for her at all...this may be the sewing machine that grandma hands down to her, wow.... I hope you still have the 301 we traded, that one is great to start her sewing on and would also be a nice addition for her to get passed on.:cool:
  12. :cool::cool:I don\'t use my tensinon disc with metalics, I also spray a small amount of thread sylicone on the spool, ;)
  13. :)Have you broken any needles or nicked your plate? if so look for burrs on your needle plate or hook.;)
  14. :)The Info.... It\'s not illegal to advertise your products on APQS, I for one am for it. I also believe that this site is for sharing information, ideas and opinions. So lets share how to save a buck or two. Newbies are thrilled and wide eyed when they first enter the world of LA\'s, they want to buy every new item out there that will help improve accuracy. The pockets must be deep to buy the things they want or need, but after shelling out big $$$ for a LA, saving money would be great. Buying products not tested widely yet isn\'t wise, they may be very good products but waiting for the product to be proven is prudent, time is the key factor.. Many times the talent or drive or whatever it is isn\'t there. Through the years I\'ve seen quilters, LA\'ers and so on come and go. They buy a expensive machine and it is used a few times till something happens and then up for sale it goes. I\'ve been offered so many LA\'s over the years I\'ve lost count. I don\'t profit from quilting anymore, I never relied on it for my living, I just enjoy the art of it and like passing it on. I have seen people over the years come to my shop and take pictures of my setup and what it does, so they could go home and duplicate or even improve. The very first person ever sent to me was a person wanting to see a LA before she bought it. Marilyn Badger called me at home and asked if I would let this person come to my home to see my APQS, I of course said yes. Jeff J. owned the company then and had refereed the customers to Marilyn for teaching, but she used a UI and not a UII, this person wanted to see a UII and not pay for Marilyns class to just see a UI when she wanted a UII. I could understand that so I got my first person ever to see my system, a very basic 1997 UII. She bought a UII also, and right off the bat had a Hartley like base made by her husband, I haven\'t seen it but she told me he did, and said it worked great. One of the boyfriends of another lady I had in my shop pulled out his camera and snapped pictures of my system and even wanted me to start up the computerized carriage so he could get video of it moving so he could do the same for his girlfriends UII. I was e-mailed by a guy named Craig, I explained what system I used how it was hooked up and he went and made a complete computerized system for his wife\'s APQS with a similar OS and it worked great,,,,,Making things for your LA isn\'t a new thing. When someone "INVENTS" something as an ad on product if they would look into the origin of their new product first. Was it made already or something similar? There are many ad on products to the LAs and a few I\'m not gonna mention. The HF has changed some over the years and then came the CL, there was debate on this, is it the same product or basically the same thing with a different design, who\'s say, but so many people have their opinion about this one or that one. My HF came with my machine but I paid $500.00 back in 97, I believe they are around the same price now. Works on APQS and ? Cost plus delivery and any extra ad on products. It could have been built for approx. $60.00. local hardware store products. I am happy with mine and my modifications and think my improvements to it make it a better product, but would rather have paid less of course. Today I would build it, but back then I didn\'t have any idea really what it was for till I saw it. The CL is over a $1000.00 with the basic disc and squareicles things, unsure on delivery, and the ad on parts, made to fit most all frames, must order for specific frame... If you were to home build, it would be harder to make but can be done, and most of the parts from your local hardware store, less than $100.00 for main body parts. Requires more assembly, the moving discs are the hardest to duplicate, may consider purchasing discs from dealer if you make your own base and arm or from e-bay sales....I would make this too, but don\'t need one for my UII, still not to hard to put together. .:cool: The Topper is a new product approx. $230.00 with free delivery, not widely tested yet, doesn\'t work with all frames, some roller bars may be to flimsy for this product, doesn\'t have design to fit drop off front at this time. May use pattern boards with it. Can be made from local hardware parts for approx. $30.00. :cool: now your name calling, twisted and flamer, That\'s subtle...
  15. :DGreat advertisement, I\'m not putting down the topper and what it does, I hope Linda laughs all the way to the Bank as Sherry Rogers said. I\'m just letting people know that there is a cheaper way to go about it, not just the topper other devices, and they aren\'t new, many home quilters have made gizmos over the years for their machines and may not have been marketed but nevertheless they are out there. For those of us that can, well I\'m just supplying the info for them too, and they are out here. Jim has been commenting about me off and on so I commented back, so why would I care what Jim thinks after giving advice to a person to spray their quilt with WD-40. I\'m telling it like it is, the truth, ...;) I\'m not playing the superiority thing, but if you want to comment on me go ahead, I\'ll be glad to return the favor.:DI\'m just being economical and letting other people that read these threads know about alternatives, I don\'t rely on quilting for my income....I come to this site to see what is innovative and creative and new also to share info, no vendetta Heidi, your opinion is of value, but don\'t worry, I\'m very seldom wounded by opinion. I hope you enjoy your new Topper and have fun using it. ;)Info is Info, thanks :cool: