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  1. This is such a great topic and Teresa as sorry as we are for the disouragement the auctions and fundraisers sometimes cause, I am so thankful for the Brennis, Sylvias, Serries, Daves, Sues and all the rest of the awe-inspiring quilters on this forum. I so agree with those who are telling you to keep your head up and be proud of your beautiful talent!
  2. Breathtakingly Beautiful! I would love to have this quilt... was my favorite childhood poem. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Awe, so cute and I think I like it even more since you changed the corners. Hoping we get to see it with the new grand baby nephew!!
  4. Talk about putting someone on edge. I love her sense of humor but.... So glad it turned out so wonderfully!!! It is very well done!
  5. Dito on the "WOWS"! I love them all and your quilting is very very pretty. My favorite is the last w/ Plush Plums; those colors are gorgeous!
  6. Thanks so much, EVERYONE for the wonderful and confident building compliments! I wish I had another quilt on the machine already!
  7. Libby, I hope I did that right. Thank you! I appreciate all that everyone shares on these forums... it is a great place to be!
  8. Would love to have gone this year! I am so happy (and envious) for all who's attending!
  9. Spoiling new grandbabies and Eastertime has kept me off of the computer! Here are a few photos of the finished quilt that turned out not too shabby for my first full size on my LA! I did the whole quilt free-hand and I used So Fine on both top & bobbin.
  10. Thank you, Heidi, Oma & Lisa! Heidi, the pebbles & stones are exactly what I had in mind. For many days this top hung over the banister next to our rock fireplace and it screamed for pebbles. I drew some of the blocks on my sketch pad and loved the way it looked. I did start with SID lastnight, in the first row, but decided beens there are so many "panes" that I would take your advise and practice AND have fun. I am doing a variety of fillers and alternating two different designs (opposite corners) within the four panes of each block. I will post pictures when it is finished. Thanks ag