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  1. Hola Linda, Yo también tengo el IQ desde hace 3 años y medio y estoy encantada. Me han comentado de una máquina a la venta aquí en Europa con una mesa de 12 pies. La verdad es que me interesaría más una con una mesa de 10 pies. A ver qué tal se da. Comprar una segunda máquina es toda una aventura pero hemos visto que estamos perdiendo clientes porque tenemos una larga lista de espera. Así que la solución es trabajar mi marido y yo cada uno con una máquina y así poder sacar mucho más trabajo. Espero verte la próxima vez que vaya a Estados Unidos. Me encantó conocerte en MQX. Un abrazo, Cris
  2. I have been thinking about you for quite some time. I lost your business card when I returned to Spain last year. I would like to keep in touch. Best wishes
  3. Hello, I don't speak any german at all but might be interested in buying that machine? Is still for sale? Thanks Cristina
  4. Hello, I have had a Millenium for 5 years and now I am interested in purchasing a used machine in Europe since I am located in Spain and would need a machine with European voltage. Does anyone know someone who is willing to sell their APQS machine? Thank you and have a good day
  5. Hello, I have had a Millenium for 5 years and now I am interested in purchasing a used machine in Europe since I am located in Spain and would need a machine with European voltage. Does anyone know someone who is willing to sell their APQS machine? Thank you and have a good day
  6. Hello, I have had a Millenium for 5 years and now I am interested in purchasing a used machine in Europe since I am located in Spain and would need a machine with European voltage. Does anyone know someone who is willing to sell their APQS machine? Thank you and have a good day
  7. Pamela, I don't seem to find your post in my message board. Here is a list of quilt shops in Madrid: In this one they speak English, actually, they are APQS dealers for Spain. Ask for Marisa or Alex Apart from the one above, I would strongly recommend you these 2. However, bear in mind 2 things. 1st, they don't speak English, and secondly, compared to the quilt shops in the US, these shops are very small, and the worst of all, expect to pay 15 euros per yard, in dollars can be 20. DECHADO Principe de Vergara, 256 28016 MADRID Phone: 914579871 CAÑAMAZO C/ Fernandez de los Rios, 66 28015 Madrid T/ 915449772 Best wishes, Cris
  8. Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I found something intermmediate on the internet. Someone who quilted hers with a Bernina and all she did was SID the squares of the blocks. I am going to offer that option to the client. Jill, thanks for the suggestion. It sounds good to me but I don´t she will accept it. Spanish piecers are veeeeeeeeeeery traditional and most of them don't want to hear anything about pantographs or E2E. Best wishes,
  9. Hello, I have just received an email this morning from a new customers. She has heard from me and she needs me to quilt a "Dear Jane" quilt for her. My custom quilting price is 44 USD (aproximately) by square yard. There is just another long arm quilter in Spain who does custom quilting (well, there are 2 more but their quilting is very basic yet) and I know that she charges 62 USD per square yard. However, she charges a lot more for special jobs like applique and things like that. Having said this, I don´t know what to charge since I know that this is going to be a very time consuming job. My first thought has been to say no to this job. Any advice? Thanks a lot, Cristy
  10. Dear Bonnie, I will follow your advice. I will call her tomorrow morning. Best wishes
  11. Bonnie, I absolutely agree with you. I didn't see it until the customer sent the pictures of it. As I said, she is delighted but I don´t. I travelled to Barcelona city last week and delivered it to her in person. She put the bias on the weekend and has posted pictures on her blog. The unquilted area in the corners are screaming for more quilting and now I cannot ask for that quilt back. There are people who have even told her to present it in the Spanish National contest. I hope she doesn´t. I would be ashamed if some profressionals knew who quilted it. Sandra, the client went to a course on that pattern to a Spanish patchwork shop. The name of the pattern is "Pitagoras" and although I looked almos everywhere on the internet, I don´t seem to be able to find anything about it. I wonder if anyone in this forum can help. Thank you very much again for all the encouragement
  12. Dear Cristina, You can be more than proud to have a daughter like her. Congratulations to both of you. Best wishes
  13. I finished the quilt last week and although the customer is delighted, I am not. Everything is ok, more or less except the cream area that surrounds the stars. I tried to do a freehand design from Kim Stotsemberger but I am not happy with the unconsistency. Thank you very much for all your help
  14. Best of Show Grape Harvest by Gina Perkes Solitaire – Shooting Stars by Birgit Schueller Rookie of the Year – Remembering Gloria by Karla Dahms Theme 1st Place Hell Freezes Over by Marilyn Badger 2nd Place Fire and Ice by Claudia Pfeil 3rd Place The Fragile World by Judy Woodworth Innovative Custom 1st Place Gypsy Rosalie by Ronda Beyer 2nd Place Dragon's Breath by Marilyn Badger 3rd Place Victorian Lace by Judy Woodworth Traditional Custom 1st Place Tuscan Sun by Gina Perkes 2nd Place High Gear-Hang on Tight by Ronda Beyer 3rd Place Flora Elena by Theresa Ward Machine Embroidery 1st Place Butterfly Migration by Judy Woodworth 2nd Place Rose Elegance by Linda Thielfoldt 3rd Place I'd Rather Be Riding by Lindsay Johnson Art/Pictorial 1st Place Banana Peel by Janet Sturdevant Stuart 2nd Place Woody and the Seashell 3rd Place Madonna by Laurie Tigner Whole Cloth Innovative 1st Place Lollapalooza by Sherry Rogers-Harrison 2nd Place Aphrodite's Despair by Sue McCarty Whole Cloth Traditional 1st Place Taking Light by Denise Gmeiner 2nd Place Arabesque by Susan Loftin Wall 1st Place Santa Cruz Crosses by Lynette Harlan 2nd Place Woodland Tapestry by Jan Hutchison 3rd Place Midnight Blossoms by JoAnn Hoffman Bread & Butter 1st Place Rising Star Trail by Linda Thielfoldt 2nd Place Posies in the Park by Brenda Janovy 3rd Place Feathered Snails by Karen Schiltz Tools of the Trade 1st Place Bali Hai by Marilyn Badger 2nd Place Friendship Circle by Corliss Allender 3rd Place Big Bang by Carol Rose Computer Guided 1st Place Karamu by Ross Munro 2nd Place Country Harvest by Dixie Decker 3rd Place The Case of the Missing Tree Skirt by Shirley Stutz Miniature 1st Place Shrinking Violets by Jan Hutchison 2nd Place Little Rosie Mae by Bill Fullerton 3rd Place Golden Memories by Dawn Larsen Wearable Best of Show GreenBrier #2 by Gayle Wallace Wearable Runway 1st Place Expresso Yourself by Gina Perkes 2nd Place Rose Parade by Gayle Wallace Wearable Everyday 1st Place Tuscany by Linda Thielfoldt 2nd Place Demure or Wow Wear Jacket by Jennifer Bernard Overall Design 1st Place Four Patch Fusion by Page Johnson 2nd Place Autumn In Ohio by Linda Thielfoldt 3rd Place Clematis by Sandi Goulet Junior Quilter 1st Place Nation and Old Glory by Kaleigh Westlake 2nd Place My First Quilt by Mariah Ohman 3rd Place Daisy Scouts by Gabrielle Daniels Miscellaneous 1st Place Shelly of the Sea by Pam Heavrin 2nd Place Glorious Cabbage by Cathy Franks Honorable Mention Rose Festival by Janet Fogg Moonlight Serenade by Lynette Harlan Sentence Equations by Cathy Wiggins 3 G's by Judy Woodworth Feathered Lace by Lisa Coker Salsa Fantasy by Mary Nordeng Sundae Treats by Helen Baczynski Plan B by Corliss Allender Judge's Choice Feeling Groovy by Candace West Floral Escapade by Lynn McCartney Thread Challenge 1st Place Winter Flames by Kathleen Leary 2nd Place Fire Roses with Frost by Judy Woodworth 3rd Place Love by Kay Kimball Fabric Challenge 1st Place Radiance by Kristi Hawkins 2nd Place Winter Sky by Cristyn Merry 3rd Place Harmony by Vickie Nunez Just For Me-Best of Show Peacock by Kathleen Stuart Just For Me Bed Quilt 1st Place Tulip Time by Elsie Campbell 2nd Place Never Enough Feathers by Winnie Fleming 3rd Place Gram Says by Margo Clabo Just For Me Wall Quilt 1st Place Ghost of Canton Past by Sandra Soni 2nd Place Backyard Beauties by Tammy Smith 3rd Place Rhombi in the Rhombus by Vicki Conley
  15. I am here, I am here but although I am Spanish, I have no idea of what to do with it. By the way, why Spanish?