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  1. Hello is your 14ft table still available...and is it a standard or deluxe table? I have a 12ft table I’m willing to swap with you...I live in San Antonio TX and willing to meet at a half way point. Please email me if interested. adthomas223@yahoo.com
  2. Hello I’m very interested in just the table and advance fabric system are you willing to sale just the table...I have a APQS Lucey I would like to upgrade the table...I live in San Antonio Tx...please text or email me at adthomas223@yahoo.com mobile:228-424-6002 Adrean Thomas
  3. Good day I’m inquiring if you have sold your machine? If it’s still available please contact me at adthomas223@yahoo.com or text to 228-424-6002...I’m seriously interested...I live in San Antonio Tx 78154 and will pay for shipping if you can get a quote/estimate of shipping charges. Thank you Adrean Thomas
  4. Hello Christy, this is my third attempt in contacting you about your machine you have for sale...is it possible you can let me know if it’s still available or have sold it...I am a serious inquiry and I’m willing to pay cash and pickup next weekend if still available....please text me at number below of status. Thank you, Adrean Thomas adthomas223@yahoo.com mobile: 228-424-6002
  5. I have been trying to contact you regarding your Lucey machine...will pickup next weekend if still available can pay cash...please email or text to discuss details. Adrean Thomas adthomas223@yahoo.com mobile: 228-424-6002
  6. Hello please check your email I did respond...I’m very interested in purchasing...I live in San Antonio if you have any pics you can that would be helpful...I did make an offer in my email...please email me at adthomas223@yahoo.com to further discuss details...hope to hear from you soon!
  7. Is this machine still available...I live in San Antonio... very interested! Please email whether it’s available or not at adthomas223@yahoo.com
  8. Is there any way to find out if this machine is still available for sale
  9. Hello, I am inquiring if this machine is still available...I’m in San Antonio Tx...please email me at adthomas223@yahoo.com if willing to negotiate price...I can pay cash and pickup. thank you Adrean Thomas
  10. I’m selling my Butler computerized system which is only 8 months old and used very little due to my health issues. It has a 10inch android tablet and over 300 digital designs. I’m asking $3850 or best offer...paid $6000, I am in San Antonio TX and willing to pay half on shipping costs.
  11. Your quilting is so lovely...awesome Sauce!
  12. Hello everyone i was wondering if anyone knows if APQS will come out with a couching foot? I have actually tried the Handiquilter couching foot on a friends machine and it was totally fun. I recently bought the new 1/4 foot by APQS which was long overdue and it is fabulous....maybe if enough of us ask for it...they will oblige us...you think
  13. Welcome!! I'm looking forward to seeing your new quilt space. I am new to the forum and have been browsing studio space posts looking for inspiration ;-) Adrean
  14. Your work is stunning...I hope to get as good as you ;-)....still pretty new to longarm quilting. Adrean
  15. Sandra, What a fantastic design element...it works perfectly with the quilt. You Rock!!! Adrean
  16. Georgene Looks like you have a great space for quilting! I'm jealous ;-) Adrean San Antonio, TX
  17. Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself....my name is Adrean and I just purchased a new Freedom, yeah!! I have been quilting for over 15 years (mostly as a hand quilter). I got the longarm bug three years ago and haven't went back to my domestic machine since lol. I retired two years ago from the US Air Force after serving 29 yrs. I'm in the process of trying to start a business with my quilting...so please wish me luck. I invite you to please check out some of my quilts on Instagram and Flickr just search for quiltfabulous . I'm working on a Facebook page and website. Happy Quilting Adrean
  18. I have been wanting to try this but haven't gotten the courage. Can you explain how the mineral oil is applied to the thread cone please? Thanks Adrean San Antonio, TX
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