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  1. Bob, Where are you located in Iowa? Would you be willing to split the quilt path? What would you ask for it all by itself? Lois
  2. Hi all, I am on the verge of plunging into a Millie, but have a few questions on some specs that I am not sure which way to go on. The first is the controversial L or M bobbin. Which do you have and why did you choose that size? I had a handi quilter that had the M big bobbin, which I really loved. I could load it with Bottom Line thread and quilt forever. But am I compromising the beauty of the stitch? And the second item I am considering is the Quilt Path. Is it worth the investment? Or should I first get to know the machine then purchase it later? Do you need a separate program on
  3. Sioux Falls, Sd is the nearest airport, 40 miles give or take, and yes I would be happy to do a demo? Where are you at?
  4. Hi all, I am new to this forum and it is not exactly easy to post pictures. I do have another post on here that I edited but everytime it kept adding to the post, it didn't edit the original post. Also when I went to post a profile picture, it told me that its to large. Any help here would be of great apppreciation.
  5. For sale; HQ 18" Avante, 4 years old, Studio Frame, HQ Micro Handles, Upgraded to Railz Carriage Tracks, Edge Rider Wheels. Have all the manuals. Looking to upgrade. Would rather not have to hassle with shipping. Located in NW Iowa. $ 6,250