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  1. I made a king size commission quilt where I double batted it using one Hobbs cotton/wool blend batting and one Quilters Dream 100% Wool batting on top. The backing was extra wide flannel. The customer specifically wanted a heavy quilt. She was pleased, it turned out well, nice loft and good stitch definition. Leslie
  2. DJ Have you tried using a new bobbin case? Over time, from use or if you have dropped it, the bobbin case can warp. Leslie
  3. That's a really good price (< $8.00 per panto) for someone wanting to start or add to their panto collection. I've used many of them, it is a great selection on some very popular pantographs. Leslie
  4. A potential buyer will want to know your contact information and your location.
  5. If my memory is correct, I think I remember Dawn (APQS) teaching a Quilt As You Go class on a longarm in Edmonton a number of years ago. On second thought, It might have been appliquing using a LA. (Either way, it was a class, she might have the instructions for sale). Leslie
  6. NS Kwilter Merryjo2003 hasn't been on this site since Dec. 20 2017. Try contacting her via te email address she provided.
  7. Faith The seller hasn't been on this site since 3 days after posting the ad in August 2016. Unfortunately the seller didn't include contact information. Good luck finding a machine.
  8. Cindy I don't change the stitch length when basting down the top, sides etc.in SR if the stitches are not going to be removed. I usually set the spi at about 11 but will use 10 when quilting a flannel top or increase it to 12 if I am stitching a denser design. If I am basting down an area where I will be removing the stitches when I will single basting stitch (using the white left button) 1/4 to 1/2 " apart. If it is a large area then I turn off the SR and baste the area accordingly and try to keep the stitches under 1/2". Leslie
  9. I follow the same method as Lovemyavy. Incidentally, those large totes can hold a lot of fabric! Leslie
  10. The poster hasn't been on this site since the day after posting the ad in July (hoover mouse over ID name to see the last visited date). Unfortunately she did not include contact information.
  11. Please provide a contact email or phone number and your location. This will help a potential buyer contact you and estimate the shipping cost.
  12. I think people have confused monopoly with nylon thread. Nylon thread is nasty and will melt if ironed or put in a hot dryer. If your serger thread is strong enough, then use it.
  13. If you hoover over the members user name you will see that boone49 has not been on this site since July 25. Unfortunately contact information wasn't provided.
  14. What thread are you using in the bobbin? Try Bottom Line thread by Superior threads it is a 60 wt. and is an excellent bobbin thread. Also check your bobbin tension. I use a Towa tension gauge but you can also use the Jamie Wallen test. Here is the youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1mRhcquZTM Leslie
  15. Becky I will stitch one free charity quilt, per customer, per year, provided that the quilt is being made for my local guild comfort quilt program. I only provide E2E stitching and I pick the panto. Batting and backing is provided by the guild. I'd hoped that the other LAQs in the guild would follow my lead but that hasn't happened yet. I will donate quilting to other causes on an individual basis when I have the time. Leslie
  16. Charlene Superior threads also have So Fine 40 and Omni V which are variegated. Signature threads, Auril threads and YLI threads have many variegated colour options as well. Leslie
  17. I live on the edge of the middle of nowhere. I have always experienced excellent customer support from APQS. To troubleshoot a problem I start with this forum, call customer support and then fix it myself. I took the APQS machine maintenance course which was well worth the cost and travel. Thread breaking can be very frustrating. Weak thread, lint in the hook area, thread tension- too tight, too loose, worn check spring, burrs, can all cause thread breakage, the list goes on. It takes time to really get to know your machine. Leslie
  18. Beatice Marie I too love math! Of course I use a calculator. Ha Ha. Leslie
  19. Lynn If you are running M&M wheels, try cleaning the wheels, table and carriage with rubbing alcohol saturated on a piece of batting. Leslie
  20. What works for me is the same tension setting as I use for Bottom Line 60 wt. bobbin thread which is about 20. Leslie
  21. I love my Lucey, she needs a sister! Leslie
  22. Thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the devastation in Texas. Leslie
  23. Though Warm & Natural batting is not my favourite because of the seeds and other debris, I doubt that it will damage an APQS LA. With W & N I have had more thread breakage and shredding if using a trilobal thread. Warm & White by the Warm Company does not have seeds and is not a problem. Bamboo and bamboo cotton blend batting are two of my "go-to" battings. Cotton/Poly 80/20 blend is also universally popular. Leslie
  24. We are celebrating our 150th year of Confederation today. It is a beautiful sunny day. Happy 4th of July to our southern neighbours. Leslie
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