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  1. Tell me everything I should know about the "Roller Brake"... Do I need to Unlock it to roll the quilt.... Why is the velcro getting "goopy" and coming undone inside the bent part of the metal??? Is it because I'm not Unlocking it to roll the quilt... I know there are no stupid questions - but I feel like this is one... Sorry
  2. Hello to all my fellow APQS longarmers! I have had my Millie for a year now. Is there a video out there showing the annual MAJOR cleaning / service that should be done at this time? Thanks for your help... Roberta
  3. Very impressive! gives me incentive Thanks, Roberta
  4. My Millie is set up in my deceased mother's bedroom. She lived with us for 5 years as she battled cancer. I can feel at peace even if I just go in and sit for a few minutes on my lunch hour. I wonder if in January, we are just catching up from the FRAZZLE of the Holidays. I love all processes of Quilt Making. It does bring me joy - but you are right.... Reflection and renewal is required as well. I last really quilted mid November. I feel like I am ready to go. Enjoy your quiet time as it is precious! Roberta
  5. Wow! absolutely amazing; what beautiful things "stick-to-it" attitudes can create. Thanks for sharing
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