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  1. Heh, I am finding a lot of other quilters that are saying this also. Thanks~!
  2. I have been quilting since 2008 and have always been afraid of making scrappy quilts. For me, they are to busy, too many fighting patterns, just too much chaos. I decided to tackle my fear of all this and make a small quilt from my scraps. I used an Arkansas Crossroads block and am really pleased with my "controlled" scrappy quilt. Details on my blog:
  3. I have quilted several quilts for Roberta. She is an awesome lady, sews perfect seams, makes awesome quilt tops and is very deserving as the winner of this new machine. I used to live in Idaho and she went to school with my sister. I can certainly share with you that she will make good use of this machine! I am very happy for her.
  4. So perfect! I love the colors and the quilting is amazing!
  5. I did several Christmas stockings all at once. You can see I used different squares of batting....only because I had some scraps, otherwise, I would have put a whole length of batting.
  6. Thanks, I really had fun quilting this. I appreciate all your kind comments.
  7. I just took this little orphan block quilt off the frame and bound it. I was given several bags of stash and blocks from a lady that passed away several years ago. Her daughter is an acquaintance of mine and recently her husband was killed in an boating accident. I made this for her from the last of her Mom's orphan blocks. More of the story and photos on my blog.
  8. I once quilted a denim top onto a backing of Cordura. Breezed right through with an 18 needle and Superior's So Fine #40 thread.
  9. I posted a tutorial a few years ago. I always stitch to the back first and then topstitch to the front....have done hundreds of quilts like this with my DSM. Its quick, neat and easy. I always use a 2.5 inch binding.
  10. Great! That's how I do them also.....and bead board by just straddling the mark.
  11. Oh my gosh, rest assured he's getting his "fancy stuff!" That is wonderful. Lucky guy.....
  12. Can't wait to see it finished! I love that flannel that looks like wool....yummy!!
  13. Sounds like it is the problem. I have to adjust mine all the time. When I lived in Idaho (very dry) for whatever reason, it was seasonal, depending on the heat or cold....and we could have winter and summer in the same day! I have an older machine and had to loosen the top to get to it so I finally took the top cover off and drilled a hole in it so I could access the screw from the outside. Now I live in Ohio and it's not as much of a problem. Go figure...
  14. Wow! That is perfect. I love the serpentine look you created in the sashing of the blocks. Really adds interest to the overall quit. Kudos to you!
  15. Here's an idea for your batting that only takes up about 15 inches out from your wall.... These are 12 inch closet rod supports with pieces of conduit....
  16. Ditto, what Linda said... One thing I always do before I start a custom quilt is take a photo of the top, print it out in Black and White and then doodle on it! Just start and see where your imagination goes. You are not committed, start over/erase as many times as you like. Here is an example:
  17. I had that problem too, then one day, I took a sharpie and made a little black mark on each slit of every spool. Now, it's automatic and I do it when I unwrap a new spool.
  18. I have a Velocity Vapor Generator Steam Iron. I love it because I can take it over to the quilt on the frame and turn on the continuous steam to starch and steam "certain" quilts that have wavy borders, puckered blocks and other problems. You can use the continuous steam vertically or horizontally. You can over ride the auto shutoff, so it's great for piecing. As soon as I put my hand on it, the steam starts....I can't get along without steam.