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  1. I got this huge quilt to quilt, took me a while to decide what to quilt. I stippled the white, used the swirls from the fabric, did ruler work on the black and feathers with Quiltpath on the red and grey. My client was happy ! Lisa
  2. just to let you know, I gave it a try and gave up after a day I could not get it straight due to the ironed in pellon base, and I could not quilt straight lines like the hair due to the big seam allowances. I offered to take my stitches out, but she took it back as it was and will try to continue what I started on her Bernina. Will never ever take a quilt that has a fusible web ironed under again! thanks for your ideas Lisa
  3. I found some pictures, thank you, just not sure how to do it, the face is huge and I only see part of it while quilting... probably need to mark the directions thanks all !! Lisa
  4. She brought in this quilt yesterday, it is beautiful ! and everything straight and well sewn I post the picture of her design here, the quilt is so big I cant take a good picture. How do I quilt it apart from the obvious, eyes, mouth, hair ? all the white space ?? thanks for your ideas !! Lisa
  5. thanks, yes, I got some ideas now, will post a picture as soon as I'm done !
  6. Hi Carol, its my customers not mine, and yes you are right she did a beautiful job !
  7. thanks :-) ok I will try and move my designs around that idea, I was doing a terry twist in the white squares with a swirl in the belly...
  8. Hi, this group of creative people is wonderful ! and I need your help again : I have a wedding quilt to do, I'm happy what I drew so far, but I don't know what to do with the part of the block that contains the rose fabric. I dont want to quilt too much, so the fabric is still visible, but the piece is too big not to quilt it at all. The red middle square will be quilted with a heart / leave wreath. Thanks a lot ! Lisa
  9. I travelled with my machine head in January, no problem at all, I did not take the original box, but packed it in thick foil and made sure it could not move around in the car. The rails are rather heavy, I guess you would need shipping there, but I would try and keep my machine I'm happy with... good luck ! Lisa
  10. Thank you !! 635 did the trick, had no problems on the last quilt ! what would I do without you all ?? Lisa
  11. ok ! I was aware of positions using the full hour but not of 635 being an option. I will try it, thanks a lot for your help ladies !!
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