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  1. Switched to "Quilters Dream Poly"..................bearding problem completely disappeared! Sorry I bothered all of you :-)
  2. I love my Georgette :-) So easy to do feathers, but..............my batting is poking through the needle holes on the back side. I have a fresh needle in the machine. I am using Isacord thread and wool batt. The tension looks perfect. Please HELP! -Norma Raleigh, NC
  3. Madelyn, I only have a stalling problem, where the seams pile up. Putting the motor speed control knob to 10, has really solved the problem. I just wanted to hear from you "pros" if there was something else I could be doing. I changed the needle per your advice and you're right. I am stitching slower at the point. Thanks for the help.
  4. I've had my George 27 days. I'm in love with him!!! I'm having trouble quilting my trapunto. All of my quilting is for the wee ones at the hospital. (See attachments). This is the first time I've done trapunto on a machine. I'm a lifetime hand quilter. When I quilt around the stars or trees, which is many layers of cotton fabric + high loft polyester for the trapunto and low loft wool batt, George stalls. I have to manually use the flywheel to get it through the thickness or put the "motor speed control knob" to 10. At 10 George goes through all the layers without stalling. Please tell me what I'm supposed to be doing???? It's wonderful having this forum to go to!!! Thank you so much.
  5. Olympia

    Dove Logo on George

    Could not find any information in my manual about the bird logo on George? LOVE GEORGE!!!!!
  6. I LOVE my George!! What a great machine!!!! One question: I notice with each stitch, I can hear my bobbin case rattling. When I insert my bobbin, it clicks in place. The stitches and tension are perfect. Is this noise typical or have I done something to create this?
  7. Olympia

    Love my new George.....but he's LOUD

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply. Now I'm confident that George is just fine! -Norma
  8. My George was delivered on Wednesday. I quickly realized after reading the manual, changing to my favorite Isacord thread, adjusting tension on my bobbin and top thread...............that there is no adjustment period. If you can sew on a Singer Featherweight, you can quilt on a George! Only one thing different, how you put in a new needle. Love it! Love it!!! Within hours of delivery I was happily practicing feathers and working on my trapunto quilt. One observation: When I tried George out for the first time, I was at a quilt show in Raleigh, North Carolina, held at the Fairgrounds at the Scott Kerr building. It's a massive place that was filled with hundreds of excited chatting quilter. I sewed on George for an hour and loved him. Now that he's home in my quiet sewing room, for the first time I realize how LOUD he is. I wear ear plugs while I'm quilting. I'm not complaining, I LOVE this machine, but I'm just wondering if all of you, who are far more experienced than I, notice the decibel level too. Thank you, Norma (alias Olympia, because there were too many Norma's on the forum)