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  1. Thanks ladies for the ideas. The machine works in manual mode great. I talked to Amy this morning, she e-mailed me instructions on how to detach and clean the mother/daughter boards. She thinks its a circuit board issue. She was SO nice, she sent me written + visual directions which I am printing now to go try. She even told me that if it IS a circuit board, and I can\'t fix it at home, that I can make arrangements to send it to APQS to be fixed. I am SO happy, I was afraid I was going to have to ship my entire machine head, and that scared me.
  2. I have not used my Millennium very much since I bought it a few years ago. I had not used it since November until yesterday... I cleaned it, oiled it, ran a sample quilt and loaded a vintage quilt top for my Mom-in-law and started quilting away. I got about 1/3 of the way through and got tired and went to bed. This morning, I got up early and started her up and the SR won\'t work. I can see the red lights on the head, they light up when I try to start the SR mode, so I know it must be getting power from the handles, AND manual works fine... BUT, no BEEP to engage SR mode, nothing... n
  3. I am leaning toward blaming the applique fusible web... Steam a Seam 2. I don't think I will try to quilt through it again,
  4. I just quilted a small wall hanging which was full of fusible web applique and I used spray baste for the first time and I noticed a problem on the back of the quilt. Underneath appliques there are occasional loops and allover thread looks a bit loose. In the sections without the applique and web the tension is perfect. I have tried to tighten upper tension and the thread breaks so I have again backed it off and again am seeing this loose thread and a few loops. ANy ideas? Thanks
  5. Wow! They look just like the ones I got last month from Circle Lord for about twice as much money... That hurts.
  6. Hi All: Last evening we were set to remove the rocking finger and there was none... So, we went through everything in the tech manual one at a time. We got it!!!! Turns out, the black tension knob needed to be dialed back a bit and we adjusted her cone holder (it was allowing cones to jump a bit) When we were done, it was sewing beautifully as before... YIPPEE!!!!! Molly is back in business. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement.
  7. Sherry, Oh my gosh!!!! You are amazing. The quilt is incredible and you are always so thoughtful by sharing instruction and pics. What a woman!!!
  8. That is the best laugh I have had all day long. Reading this makes me feel "NORMAL" again. I am not alone is panto conundrom... Somehow they do finally get done, but they sure don't feel as rewarding as others. Keep smiling... I bet its beautiful.
  9. Thank you to everybody here that has given me suggestions. Tomorrow I am driving back to Molly's and we are going to remove the rocking finger and I expect this problem will disappear. We have tried just about everything else. again THANKS ALL!!!! I'll let ya know how it goes.
  10. Is the rocking finger the arm looking thingy behind the bobbin assembly? That looks foreign to me... LOL
  11. Her machine is a Gammill Classic Plus 2 yrs old. if that helps... Thanks
  12. I NEED TO VENT, please excuse me... I have a girlfriend from China who speaks poor English and has been having problems communicating with her Gammill dealer to fix a problem with her machine. I posted here to get suggestions as I have never owned a Gammill and am unfamiliar with their system. Yesterday, I went to her home and we tried to fix the machine... We could not quite get it right on our own so we called the Gammill Tech Support and I spoke to a gentleman repeatedly trying to fix the problem. The person I spoke to was unsympathetic, belittling me, sighing, annoyed, and after
  13. Hi all, I just wanted to put in my 3 cents again. I got a Circle Lord and a few large templates last month for my Mothers Day gift. I only started quilting for money 2 months ago, before that I only quilted charity quilts and my own. I used the Baptist Fan template on a charity quilt and have had several requests for it on customer quilts. I can hardly believe how these templates make such beautiful "dummy proof" designs every time and at a fraction of the time and effort to do without. I cannot come close to this accuracy with my pantos yet, so if you are new and looking for a qui
  14. If anyone can help us figure this out I would greatly appreciate it. My friend speaks very poor English so I am typing. She owns a Gammill machine only 2 yrs old. She has been fighting a problem with knots developing on the back of quilts recently. She has tried to work with her dealer repeatedly and they cannot seem to get it fixed (I think due to language difficulties) so she is stuck. I have a Millie so I can't understand her situation. Does anyone here have any ideas I can give her that may help. She is a profesional quilter and very skilled. This is a new problem and nothi
  15. Help needed... My girlfriend owns a Gammill and wants to know if there is a Micro-Drive for Gammill machines... Please advise if you know. Thanks in advance.
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