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  1. I have contacted APQS with no response. Does anyone have the instructions as to how to check and/or adjust the mag collar? thank you.
  2. Can anyone advise me as to why my needle bar suddenly does not come up to the top when the stitching stops? I have to move it by hand. Thank you.
  3. Thank you, Jim. Yes, bobbin is in correctly but I am grateful for any comments and suggestion. Had a needle come loose and I think it damaged the bobbin assembly somewhere. I've taken it apart and smoothed burrs but still have the problem of breaking bobbin thread. I find it very unusual and frustrating. I've ordered a whole new assembly from APQS. Should arrive tomorrow. Hopefully this will fix the problem.
  4. Help please. My bobbin thread is breaking. my Freddie will sew beautifully for about 3 to 4 inches and the bobbin thread breaks. Suggestions?
  5. The screw that holds the need in place loosened, the needle came down and the machine banged it into the hole in the sole plate. I can't see any damage besides the bent needle. But now the thread is shredding. I believe I might have a burr but cannot see one even when I removed the sole plate. How do I remove the bobbin assembly to check it and make sure there are no burrs? There is a long black metal "finger" holding the bobbin case in place and I cannot get the phillips screw out. Any suggestions.?
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