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  1. Duh, I forgot to say that its a domestic machine Bernia 930, noticed Debbie has used one, so its better to change my ordinary foot to a walking foot and I shouldn't have to lower the feed dogs? Is a darning foot (that's the foot that has a wee hole that needle goes through, most ladies will know my description of this foot, I hope). Thank you for your replies. Angi
  2. I have not done very many quilts, about 4 in about 4 years and six lap size ones. That's a lot ha ha. I'm just now in the middle of machine quilting a scrappy strip throw size and machine sewing down each side of each strip. Question do I need to lower the feed dogs doing this? I know for free motion they need to be lowered. Nothing seems to make material/ batting go through easy when sewing the sandwich. I end up pulling the material through the machine at the top of the quilt. Angi
  3. Thank you all for your suggestions. I never even thought of carpet protector. I do have another question for Neher-in-law, is George a machine? I have ataxia so quilting itself is a challenge. So I do need a chair that works for me. I have a task chair and I do like it, only issues was it doesn't roll, the carpet protector is a really good idea. I knew by asking I would get good ideas and I did. Thank you again.
  4. Post anything now after looking at a lot of photos on here, not chance, like looking at everyone else's though.
  5. Question for you experienced people, can anyone recommend a good sewing chair. I have an office chair and it doesn't move very well on the carpet. I have saw nice sewing chairs but are they practical?
  6. don't know where on this forum this will end up.
  7. heres a photo of my first ever Dresden table topper, very unique too.
  8. Thank you, will upload photo of it when finished. Angi
  9. I have made my first ever Dresden table topper. I'm going to put felt on the back. If its a table topper does it have to be still quilted? Thank you
  10. Leslie I assume a LA is a long arm? I am orginally from Scotland so never did quilting of any sort. A straight line stitch is that sewing with the foot you normally sew with? The free motion quilting I will practice with that. I am checking out about the classes available here. One question I have is the quilt I am doing has about 3-4 inches wide squares, I read that the quilting makes a difference,is it best to sew along the squares(sewing in the ditch?) or more in the centre of each square, appreciate suggestions. Thanks Angi
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