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  1. Thank you so much. That is what my husband thought. Happy 2018. mona
  2. I would like to move my Millenium across the room about 14 feet. The floor is smooth hardwood. Is there an easy way to move it? Must is be taken apart?
  3. monakeegan

    Still having problems

    Been reading here and there on tension, loops and Glide thread. Working on a modern design on lots of negative space. So, thread performance really shows. I have been getting little, irregular loops on the front and back at random unexplained spots. After studying and sleeping on it, I put a small sausage roll of batting in the thread guide over the cone of Glide Thread. I just sewed a full line across this 80+ inch top and NO LOOPS, above or below. Does this "steady" the feed of the Glide thread into the machine. It seemed to come off the cone rather erratically before the batting was in the guide. Not complaining, just learning. But, is this why it helped?
  4. Dawn, you just made my day. I found this on the Forum after leaving Amy a "recording" of the rattle. She will probably be laughing hard. I took the plate off and oiled as you suggested. Lo and behold, no rattle. What a dummy. I oil in the bobbin case at the bottom as you showed us in the maintenance workshop in early 2015 at Chris Ginkens studio in Houston. I probably have not down this thing at the top in a while. Will need to do a better job. Was really scared. Thanks for the Forum!! mona
  5. Is there any way to leave the needle down and raise the hopping foot on my Millennium? I am wanting to attach a binding with a scalloped edge. Need to leave the needle down and raise hopping foot to accomplish each inside turn of the scallop. Thanks.
  6. monakeegan

    Varying Top Tension while Stitching

    Just got back from the Vet with my two dogs and a trip to order a new microwave. Our microwave gave up the ghost on Friday morning! Seven years old, but used lots. Anyway, I have reinstalled the tension assembly because I think I had it too far into the machine. Will also check for burrs. Maybe there is play in the hook collar. I did take Dawn Cavanaugh's maintenance class that was offered here in Houston last winter. I think it is a good thing I took that. Will let you know and a big thank you to each of you for the input. mona
  7. monakeegan

    Varying Top Tension while Stitching

    Thanks, Heidi. Hopping foot is fin. And, I did change the thread cone several times. I will look for a burr. No batting in the thread guide, so that is not it. I think I cleaned the tension disk, but will do so again. Thanks for all the good ideas. Really weird what it is doing. .
  8. I need to preface this by saying that I just did a hopping foot bar replacement with Amy's help. Managed to quilt a small charity quilt successfully but had some weird tension issues. Today setting up one of my own quilts and am trying to get tension issue under control before I start this one. Here is what is happening. The top thread will become very tight tension and then have a release of tension creating loops below and loops of top thread below. When I pull the thread through with my hands I believe that I feel these tugs. At first I thought it was the new thread that I was trying. After eliminating that issue, I am back to maybe the take up spring or tension assembly. I have readjusted these and am getting the same irregular stitch line. Anyboy have any idea what I need to do? I am at a loss.
  9. Linda, thanks so much. Cannot wait to talk to Amy. mona
  10. Jim, I have had this thought -the shim. I cannot figure out what happened. As stated, machine is only a year old. Maybe done 30 average to small size quilts. I think something has gradually moved. In the last two weeks I have been working with Apqs on it. Sent earlier photos. They sent a new foot. Like all of us, we thought there was a bad angle on the foot. I now think I need to take the cover off of the machine and "see" what's going on. See you are just east of Dallas in Hunt County.
  11. Here is another photo with the sneaker hopping foot...
  12. Terry, Thank you. First you have given me mental assurance. I don't know about the bushings, but my machine is just one year old and I am not a heavy duty quilter. But, maybe that is the answer. Will pursue that avenue with Amy at APQS on Monday afternoon. There seems to be no play in the bars. Thanks.
  13. I think I am losing my mind!! Here is a photo that shows where my needle is piercing the fabric in relation to the hopping foot. My Millennium is stitching fine and the stitches are even and locking well. But it seems to me that my needle position as moved too close to the front of the hopping foot. I cannot use the foot to put a stitch line 1/4 inch from anything using the front or back of the foot this way. APQS sent me a replacement foot that arrived this Friday. This is that foot installed. Is it possible this is correct? Am I dreaming that the needle was piercing the center of the hopping foot circle previously? Hope someone can help me. Will be contacting Amy Monday afternoon with these new photos. Thanks!
  14. Ardelle, thanks. Will locate some moleskin today! I do not need to make any adjustment to the hopping foot? Just put the moleskin on the hopping foot? Thanks so much. mona
  15. I recently purchased the Crosshatch Circle Template Set from Linda's Electric Quilters. The product is made for the Gammil foot, but the description said that they could be used on the APQS foot. They are slightly loose on my Millennium foot. I put a small strip of masking tape on the outside of the foot and it fit. But, when the foot began hopping, the template worked its way off. So, cannot seem to use it. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to use these? Or, is there a comparable set of templates for the APQS foot available?