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  1. How do you attach the zippers to the long arm? I need a good simple way
  2. Hi I want to stitch a panto on the back side and I can't remember witch of the wires I need to change out. I couldn't find a diagram or anything on line. Thought I would get my quilted, as always my memory failed. Can someone help me or tell me where I can find it on line. I have Lucey
  3. When you do straight line quilting with rulers, and you quilt as far as you can before you need to roll, do you tie off or do you back stitch? I noticed that there are so many modern quilts that have the quilting all done with lines. Thanks
  4. Hi I have Lucey for 2 years now and still not been able to quilt decently. No matter how hard I try she just won't run smoothly.I have to hold it so tight. I go along and it seems to catch and then let go, you know what happens you have a square instead of a circle. Even when I do ruler work she will be okay and then like something holds it and then lets go. Its pretty frustrating. I've tried tighten the channel knob, then it still catches. I put the levers down for QP that doesn't work either. Anyone out with some ideas. I really need help because I should get a quilted without having to pick out a lot of stitches. Thanks Lizabeth
  5. Does anyone have a pdf file on a step by step how to create a border in Quilt Path? On both a pantograh or a block? Especially on how to adjust the corners to merge in both directions. Its awful hard to remember all the steps, it is not something I do everyday. Thanks Lizbeth
  6. I am quilting along just fine and all of a sudden the tread starts shredding. It is so fine. Can anyone give me suggestions what is the cause Thanks, Lizbeth
  7. Thanks so much your instructions on stitching out the melons, it worked just beautiful. I had visions of waiting until Monday again, instead I have been able to stitch all day today Is there ever going to be a QP camp in Iowa? Thanks again Betty
  8. I am fairly new to Quilt Path and I am determined to learn all I can and use it since I spent that kind of money. I purchased a digitized design for the center and the melons. The centers quilted out just beautiful. The melons another story. When I bring the pattern in evidently my melons must be smaller so I can't make it fit. I am working on the horizontals one first. When I add multi points and close octagon, then the design is too large. Is there a way of making the design small enough to fit in the melon. Or a way to shrink it to a smaller size Please help ( It seems like nothing ever works on weekends)
  9. Its not the coder wheel its the inside of the black box. They did tell me its a update to Lucey with bliss table
  10. I forgot to add they sent the inside of the box. First of all it doesn't look like it will fit my machine. Secondly I don't know how to get the black box off so that I can get at it.
  11. Hi Sometimes I wonder why I ever got into long arm quilting. I have not been happy with the way Lucey has been stitching. I have her for 2 years now. Evidently I haven't been able to communicate the problem. I finally took a finished quilt and showed Dawn, she said I need to make a adjustment. Last week they walked me through the adjustment and decided the adjustment did not work, so they sent me a new circuit board and I replaced it last Tuesday and it was no better. I talked to APQS, they needed to talk to the engineer. I called on Thursday to see what the they decided. They called and told me they will send me a encoder, I should have it on Friday. Friday I get a call that they shipped it overnight for Sat delivery. I did get it today(Sat). Good I open it up and no instructions---- now what. I tried to go on line if I can find some and see it I can get it replaced with no luck. This is a whole week-- I am getting stressed. Can anyone help me find instructions? Otherwise I have to wait until Monday Thanks
  12. I am thinking of purchasing some type of the boards. I am wondering if they are all pretty much a like. I would like to hear from others which they use and prefer. I really don't want to pay a arm and a leg for them. I love and suggestion from anyone Thanks
  13. Hi I have Lucey and I want to move the laser light to the front of the machine. The post on need to put it on so that it shines on the quilt is too short. Does anyone know of a extension to use to have it taller. I am not a free motion quilter I need lines to follow, although I am practicing every day to get better. The classes at MQS were awesome, I learnt so much. I am in Iowa so it was within driving distance, it was great to have it in Iowa.
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