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    Lizbeth got a reaction from Laurajerri in Quilt Path   
    Does anyone have a pdf file on a step by step how to create a border in Quilt Path?
    On both a pantograh or a block?
    Especially on how to adjust the corners to merge in both directions.
    Its awful hard to remember all the steps, it is not something I do everyday.
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    Lizbeth got a reaction from dbams in Quilt Path   
    Thanks so much your instructions on stitching out the melons, it worked just beautiful.
    I had visions of waiting until Monday again, instead I have been able to stitch all
    day today 
    Is there ever going to be a QP camp  in Iowa?
    Thanks again
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    Lizbeth got a reaction from Little House Creations in Laser light in front   
    I have Lucey and I want to move the laser light to the front of the machine.
    The post on need to put it on so that it shines on the quilt is too short.
    Does anyone know of a extension to use to have it taller.
    I am not a free motion quilter I need lines to follow, although I am 
    practicing every day to get better. 
    The classes at MQS were awesome, I learnt so much. I am in Iowa so
    it was within driving distance, it was great to have it in Iowa.
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    Lizbeth got a reaction from Luz2Quilt in Frustrated   
    First I had terrible tension problems, went to my local fabric shop and they gave me
    several tips which helped tremendous.  Now I am quilting and my stitches are so 
    small. I have it set on 8 and I am using the stitch regulator. I am doing a panto on 
    the Shadow Box quilt. I am using the glide upper thread and pre wound bobbins.
    I did shut everything off and even unplugged it for a hour or more.
    Anyone have any suggestions.
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    Lizbeth got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in Quilting R to L   
    Thanks all for the advice.
    This is a awesome sight, every time you have a problem
    and are not sure what to do. Just Post and someone
    will reply. I am so happy to be a part of this.
    I did go r-l - l-r and it worked beartiful
    Thanks again
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    Lizbeth got a reaction from BossQuilter in New Pantograph Tool ---- Makes doing pantographs or picture images a breeze!   
    HiI am interested in the precise pantograph system.
    Will it work on Lucey with a Bliss table? Is it hard for a person to install?What is the price including shipping?I live in Iowa will you be anywhere near my area so that I could see it actually work?
    I tired to send a private email and it would not accept your address.
    Thanks, Betty
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    Lizbeth got a reaction from maggienoella in Help-need opinion/options for yucky quilt job-Update   
    I think your quilt looks just fine. We always want perfection which is pretty impossible so
    we get disappointed. The only one that knows what is wrong is you, don't tell-----
    Keep up the good work