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  1. Thanks everyone. I figure hitting the ceramic tile floor was probably too much for the bobbin case. Things are going much better with the new one. Now I just have eto order another one so I have a spare! Will check up the bobbin dewarper as well.
  2. Thanks Teresa, I will check that out. It does seem to be better with a brand new case, I just have never had issues with a bobbin case before. It is not skipping stitches or anything, it just made a mess of tension on the back side with lots of loops from the front sine it wasn't pulling bobbin thread.
  3. Thanks Lin, No needle left, no thread there either. It was not a prewound bobbin. I changed bobbin cases and it seems better. Just curious what could have caused it, bobbin case looks ok too Gail
  4. I broke a needle last night. I replaced the needle. When the bobbin is not in the machine, the tension is ok and it pulls as it should. As soon as I put it back in Millie I can pull the bobbin thread up but it doesn't want to pull freely and is hard to pull. Any thoughts,? Thanks, Gail
  5. After quilting several JN quilts I appreciate how you feel. After making a 60 x 60 one I don't know if it will ever be quilted because of the amount of effort that has already gone into the top. If there is a ray of sunshine in all of this, at least it was not a piece in the center that would have been next to impossible to get to. The last JN quilt I did was a Prairie Star queen sized and took well over 60 hours to quilt each and every piece, so you may have to admit that you are not the worlds slowest quilter! I might be or maybe we are tied for that title.
  6. If you don't have the tubing and don't want to wait to get some, I have used the blue 3M painting tape wrapped around several times and it has worked well. My hubby flies gas powered radio control airplanes and I was never able to find a piece of tubing that fit at the local RC stores I think I bought 4 or 5 kinds and finally gave up and used the tape until I could get the tubing from APQS. I really dislike the onboard winder and am trying to justify at turbo bobbin winder. Gail Gail
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  8. I did get a response from Kim Diamond that they had contacted Quilt Motion to see if they would add encryption to their software in the next update. They have yet to receive a response. I was thinking that the more people that contact Quilt Motion the better to let them know that this is an issue. Since yesterday I have found that the encryption issue is not only with Kim Diamond, there are several other designers doing the same thing. I agree that I would not just give someone something I paid for, but I am more concerned that more designers will start to do this in the future and it wou
  9. I absolutely love Kim Diamond patterns, they are some of my favorites. Has anyone used any of her patterns with Quilt Path? I am brand new at this, don't even have my Millie or Quilt Path yet so I may be reading her website wrong. This is from her website: Our patterns are NOT available for use with any quilting system which does not support encrypted files. If you do not actually have a Statler, IQ, Innova Autopilot, or CQ system, do not place an order; if you do, your order will be refunded less the gateway procesing fees. If I am reading this right, maybe some of us need to contact