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  1. Can you tell me if you have any info on sale to US??? I live in upstate NY and am very interested???
  2. I recently purchased a 26 Ansley on Hailey frame would like to upgrade to Phoenix frame...also looking for stand alone bobbin winder?
  3. Thank you for all your post I purchased a machine on Friday , a Tin Lizzie Ansley with Hailey frame would really like to upgrade to the phoenix frame....if anyone knows where I can locate one....let me know!
  4. Thank you Jim, I did look and the last post said she sold her machine it was a really good deal as she was asking$4000 for a machine with the intellistitch !
  5. Hi Deb, Wondering if you still have this machine and if you could post pictures???? also what are including in the sale?
  6. Looking for a used machine....have $5000.00 approx. budget....am willing to travel to pick up!
  7. how do we contact Carol and how much does she charge for training?
  8. Wondering if you still have this machine for sale, and if so where are you located???
  9. Looking to purchase a long arm and frame.....I live in NY and am willing to travel to pick up as long as it is not a long distance! I cannot afford new at this time but would love to purchase a reliable machine to use......thank you in advance for all your help!
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