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    imjustme822 got a reaction from oceanwavesqc in 2006 APQS Millennium for Sale   
    Wondering if you have pictures of machine and what is included???
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    imjustme822 reacted to K. Szymaszek in Pink and Grey Basket Quilt   
    Here is the basket quilt I made some time ago. Many may recognize it. I still haven't bound it yet, hopefully soon. More pics at www.ksquiltsandquilting.com . I can get the pics a better size there. QDWool and So-Fine thread. Thanks for looking, K

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    imjustme822 reacted to Deb Hamer in For Sale 2011 Tinlizzie 26" AnsleyDLS with 12 ft. phoenix table $7,500   
    Great starter machine! I want to start a business and would like to upgrade. I live in southern Minnesota.
    Buyer would be responsible for shipping.
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    imjustme822 reacted to jwells in Price update on Ultimate 1   
    My first machine was an Ultimate one--I added the stitch regulator and quilted on it for years.  I taught myself how to quilt on it! 
    Great investment for a new quilter!  I sold mine for $5000 when I got my Millennium in 2004--which is also now for sale  so I can get the new one!  Good luck to you!
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    imjustme822 reacted to Sunimp in Looking for a Used machine / Quilting set up! ASAP   
    I have a like new 2008 Millenium for sale for $11,525.U.S.  I'm located in Burlington, Ontario which is about 45 minutes north of Niagara Falls, NY.  If you would like more information, please contact me through the forum.
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    imjustme822 reacted to RunningThreads in Looking for a used ultimate, handy quilter or something like this   
    Ultimate 1  has 26 inch throat and a hopping foot like the Millennium.  The Ultimate 2 has a 20 inch throat and has a glide foot.  Neither machine came from the factory with a stitch regulator but many of us have added the aftermarket Intellistitch.  Both machines are quite reliable and easily maintained by the owner.
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    imjustme822 reacted to Sharonarooni in a customer quilt   
    Imjustme, I used Glide on it with the Magna glide bobbins. :0)  Thank you again, everyone that commented. I think the world of the quilters here on this site and you compliments are very much taken to heart. It means a lot to me. I am learning from you all constantly.
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    imjustme822 reacted to GracieDan in Looking for a used ultimate, handy quilter or something like this   
    I have an Ultimate II for sale in Iowa!! She sews beautifully!
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