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  1. I am interested in purchasing these. Please let me know if they are still available. Thanks! Chaney Ranch
  2. Terry, YOU ROCK!!!!! Thank you so much for your post!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!! Pam
  3. THAT'S IT!!!!! Linda, you are my HERO.....THANK YOU!!!!! Pam Chaney
  4. In the past, a member posted that they had made new leader cloths and how relatively easy it was. She even told where she found the fabric (at a hardware store???) at a much more reasonable cost than expected. At the time, I was still searching for a used machine and didn't mark the post. I have since purchased a Liberty and would like to make new leaders for her. Does anyone remember the member who made the original post? Thanks so very much! Pam Chaney
  5. A while back someone on the forum described how she made her own leader cloths and how easy it was to accomplish. She even told where she bought the cloth at a much more reasonable price. At the time, I was still searching for a machine. Since then, I have purchased a wonderful "new to me" Liberty, but would like to replace the leaders that are currently attached. Naturally, now that I am searching for this post I can't find it. Does anyone remember the original member who posted the information and instructions? Thanks so much! Pam Chaney
  6. Can someone please compare the Discovery and the Liberty for me? I know the Discovery has a 20" throat and is "now" the Lenni, but what about the Liberty? Which is the older model...the Discovery or the Liberty? Also, does anyone know if Dave does pickup in the Northeast and deliveries to Texas? (I know it might be expensive, but I hate to think about driving all those miles!!!) Thanks! Chaney Ranch
  7. I have been searching, reading, calling, researching, etc., trying to find the best buy for a used longarm. I started out wanting to put my Juki 2010 on a frame, but the more I read the more I realized those nine inches just won't work. I then considered a Handiquilter or a Bailey, but I really want an APQS or an Innova, and I am leaving heavily toward an APQS. I understand the difference in an Ultimate I and II, but can someone explain the features of a Discovery for me? Is the Discovery comparable to the Ultimate II, and is the Lenni comparable to the Discovery? It seems the more I read
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