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  1. 2004 Millennium complete with 2017 ten foot deluxe table with Bliss Asking $5500. System is currently operating at my residence in the Seattle area.
  2. Located in Seattle area about 20 miles North. Yes would consider just selling the Quilt path system.
  3. Seattle Area about 20 miles north. Can ship to you if interested
  4. Slightly used 12 foot APQS Long Arm Quilt table upgraded with Bliss and Quilt Path. Includes carriage, Quilt Path computer, software and associated wiring. $7500
  5. 2004, top of the APQS line, Millennium for sale. Purchased new from APQS factory in 2004, only owner used, regular maintenance. Heavy duty fully enclosed moter, variable speed control. single stitch button, power fabric advance controlled, laser light, lower thread cutter, auto channel locks and more, with 12 foot table. Priced to sell! at $9500.
  6. My first machine was an Ultimate one--I added the stitch regulator and quilted on it for years. I taught myself how to quilt on it! Great investment for a new quilter! I sold mine for $5000 when I got my Millennium in 2004--which is also now for sale so I can get the new one! Good luck to you!
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