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  1. 5 hours ago, tootsquilts said:

    Terry, as usual you really nailed this one.  I love it.  It is absolutely stunning.  Don't know what to name it, but this came to mind when I seen it. " Heart Of A Butterfly."  I don't know where that came from,  just popped into my head.

    Naming quilts is one of the things I struggle with. a couple of the cool names I have been given are  "a Flutter of Orange"   Orange you glad we have Butterflies" Butterfly Sunset

  2. This is a small version of the butterfly quilt pattern drafted by Sherrie I love orange and I am making most of my quilts this year with orange in them. 

    anybody have a killer name for this quilt....it is always funto play with one of your own quilts.... I hope you enjoy , many of the designs I have not done before

    but have found a couple I will do again for sure


    No photo description available.

    back of the quilt

    Image may contain: plant

    close ups of the background

    Image may contain: plant and outdoor

    this one I have named bubble wrap

    No photo description available.

     rulers and freemotion  oops I see a thread....

    No photo description available.

    No photo description available.

    Image may contain: plant

    more thread that will get cleaned up

    Image may contain: indoor


  3. I did a little experiment at a retreat doing some improv curved piecing. I was using scraps from a fellow retreater

    they were cast off from a judy niemeyer quilt so odd shaped triangles mostly. I made four main clusters of curved pieces then added the putty fabcic to pull the pieces together Once they were sewn together the face emerged. A pleasant surprise. I then quilted it with a contrasting 40 weight thread. This piece was juried into the Canadian NJS that is in Ottawa this week. I did not win a ribbon but I have my quilt hanging with some very impressive quilts. I do not do this kind of quilts and stretched myself artistically to make it. I am pleased with the overall project. This piece is 20" x 20" 


  4. On 6/5/2019 at 7:59 AM, Gator said:

    Wow, wow, wow, now you're just showing off (just kidding).  This is the most beautiful "dream big" I've seen.  The butterfly sets your panel apart from all the others.  I would love to learn how to make the butterfly, was it a pattern or kit?  I would love to meet you someday but I live next to Ontario  so Alberta is a lot further away.

    Hi Connie This is one of my own images I offer in my Collage classes i teach. The panels are fun to do. I would love to meet you also connie we need to have a apqs reunion one day so we all can meet.


  5. 35 minutes ago, tootsquilts said:

    My goodness Terry, I can tell you for sure that my panel is not near as beautiful as yours.  I will not be able to post mine until I return in July for my trip.  I really love the way you quilted this one.  I have 2 more to do, and might take another look at yours, (if you don't mind) for inspiration :).  Great job.  I love the butterfly.

    I have a few more to do also Cathy. Now to get enough time to do my own thing LOL

  6. front view of the quilt Lighting was not great but the close-ups are better.

    Pattern is by Sew Colorful and the pattern is Sizzling Summer.

    I use 80/20 cotton/wool for the batting and backing is a plush Costco Blanket in bright hot Pink. an allover freehand quilting motifs to add texture and interest I just love my new quilt.

    Thanks for looking and have a great Monday

    Image may contain: food

    Part of the back it is a Costco Fleece Blanket with 80/20 cotton Wool batting supper warm quiltImage may contain: indoor

    Picture on my millie frameImage may contain: indoorImage may contain: indoorImage may contain: planthere are pictures before quilting

    Image may contain: flowerNo photo description available.

  7. 14 minutes ago, Plumpurple said:

    Wow oh Wow, you are soooooooo talented. It is always a treat when you show your quilting, thank you for taking the time to post.  Viewing your art gives me a mental boost. Sharon

    Thank you Sharon ... I have been busy and guess just forgot about the forum...when you are not have to many machine problem you forget about all your friends here