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  1. Here is a lovely paper pieced poinsettia wall hanging Marie made she will have it ready for Christmas this year. Here is the before after and back hope you enjoy. and..... Merry Christmas........ LOL
  2. I go both way. if it keep breaking I think the bobbin is a bit tight try loosening it a bit.
  3. I love your quilting designs the color absolutly everything about this quilt well Done Cathy
  4. I had to get a special end for mine when I changed over to bliss I think we finally took a picture of the the ends and they sent me a jump cable that hooked them together. Good luck...
  5. Hi Penny If I were going to use any type of dye I would do a couple of quilt sandwiches I could test with. Here is a sample of over dyeing i did. I stitched some improve log cabins from different fiber content fabric, Mostly natural fibers. those are the cream ones and then cut it apart and over dyed it with a proc-ion dye The fibers take on the color differently. but what you are doing it will absorb it the same, You could use a diluted version of this and get an interesting effect from it. I look forward to seeing your before and after pictures and see what you decide to do.
  6. She wanted to have it outlined so I showed her how to put the black strips on the detail lines and collage between them to leave the line showing . You do not want to put onto a black background and add another layer over the entire piece.
  7. Thank you Ann I am having so much fun with my quilting. and thank you for following me.
  8. Here is a picture of a fox that was done by a student, named Dawn, that took my class
  9. Sharon they are bigger than I like to make the giraff is about 50" tall the squirel is 60" in the pattern I shrunk mine to about 36" and the bear is about 20 long.
  10. Shana what brand of thread are you using in Sage green?
  11. My Go to, hide on every color, thread is a superior thread called Cleopatra- number 24515 Lora
  12. I made the pincushion smaller and like them better as a wall hanging. You could check with the designer Laura Heine she has a shop in Montana called Fiberworks for the pattern or your local quilts shops might have them
  13. Here are a few more Collage projects I just finished . I am teaching and have the opportunity to offer this technique through a satelite class hosted by Sharon Blackmore of Love Shack Quilts, if you are interested here is the link ( https://www.loveshackquilts.ca/product-page/terry-s-collage-workshop-satellite ). I will give you preparation videos to be ready for the class on Sept 30th, Then she will video me though out the day with tips on how to get started, cutting tips, eye options, finishing your project to be able to hang it. I encourage to jump out of your box and create a one of a kind project. The videos will be live so you will be able to ask questions as I am being videoed. The videos stay on the facebook page so you will be able to go back and watch them over and over or watch at a later date if you are busy that day. Or if you are in the Airdrie Alberta area I would love to teach you in person. This is a fun and freeing process once you get going you can have a lot of fun.
  14. practice Practice Pactice Robin all of a sudden it just clicks..
  15. I just stitched a grid and filled it with continuous curves.
  16. Thank-you Bev, I hope we can also. I think it is only getting the place to host it that will hold us up. I have it pencilled in
  17. Hi since the Red Deer Quilt show , I showed two of my collage quilts I made the giraffe and the cow. These created quite a stir in our area. I have been booked to do 10 classes all over our province I have done three already I just finished the newest pattern by Laura Heine it is a pincushion. How many still have a tomato pin cushion. I know I do. Have a Great Day Before picture after
  18. Amazing quilts and quilting well deserved ribbons Congratulations
  19. "all in all, you are Happy with it" That is an understatement Kathy I think what you have done on this quilt is remarkable. Well done......
  20. You have done an outstanding job completing your friends creation. Well Done