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  1. Amazing Heidi you always do such beautiful quilting what do you mark with
  2. Yikees a long armers worst nightmare flanges...... but we came up with a good solution I just did straight lines parallel to the flanges in an irregular width easy peasey and it looks great on this quilt.
  3. Here is the sparrow studios video on loading a quilt start to finish sorry about the other one. the lady in the video is Mats wife Bradie.
  4. Yes Mary same size rods so you could just order the replacement red snappers instead of a set. I still have my leader grip rods in my sleeves
  5. Amazing I love the plaids....they can be a challenge as a lot of them are looser woven yours looks lovely and the crisp curves are beautiful Well done.
  6. If I was buying the clip system get the red Snappers they are more of a hard rubber instead of a plastic I had several of my plastic version crack and breat I invested in the red snappers and love them....what do you mean finishes it up Linda?
  7. You need to dd a cover for the flywheel on the right hand side....buy a new chap stick and take the cover from the blister pack a tape over the fly wheel problem solved.
  8. Thank-you Mary. I just stitched in the ditch around all of the windows, doors, roof and chimney with an invisible thread.
  9. Mary and Lora which way do you stuff the top and batting under the front roller from the front to the back or from the back to the front ok I found a video the add the batting and the top start about at the 10:40 area of the video I hope this helps I find it very easy to load the batting and Top I hope this helps. If you have a table for using for ruler work If you put that on when you are doing pantos itputs a bit of drag on the machine which gives you more contol until you get used to it. Good Luck remember listen to all advise and use what works for you. Welcome
  10. Happy Monday how did your Panto work this week-end?

    1. jameel


      When destiny calls, you do well to listen! It is very heart warming to hear stories like yours and I think you have earned your success with hard work and (from the little I know of you) with a great character and attitude. We can't help but respond positively to good people! Enjoy the rewards! You reap what you sow/sew :-)

      So, I did some more pantos using a smaller, more detailed one and ... uuurrrgh! I am so not happy with the results. Music, pinky finger out, but no wine as I still have to drive this afternoon. I think it is time to get new wheels and see if that makes a difference... these are still from 2001, so past due for a change. There are definitely consistent issues with jogging at the same points of movememt. I draw and paint well so it should not be a lack of hand-eye coordination. Or at least I hope not Or i am deluding myself! My free motion turns out satisfactorily to me but I think it helps to get direct feedback by being on the same side of the machine as the quilt top. Yes, I quickly figured out a few years ago with my old Grace setup about those rail tracks if I didn't pause at the points! I unsewed a lot! But, until I get new wheels I will still persist with the panto practice. Worst case scenario is that I learn a lot as a result of working with harder wheels... might make me a better quilter in the long run.

      Jim, on this forum, recommends edgerider wheels. Have you heard of them, or used them, or have an opinion on them? I know of the APQS M&M wheels of course, but didn't know I had options available.

      Anyway, I hope the sun is shining in your part of paradise. Have a great afternoon!

    2. T Row Studio

      T Row Studio

      I went from the old brown one that made square circles to the M&M wheels the helped a  lot but then I had an opportunity to bliss my machine and I love that. It is way smoother and circles are circles. Hope you find your solution so you can just stitch and enjoy.


    3. jameel


      I can only dream of bliss!  Did you have it done in the USA or did your dealer do it for you? I am not clear about the process involved In the conversion.

      But it is good to hear that you saw an improvement with the M&Ms... square circles describes my situation pretty well! I have some good circles, but not consistently. Not by a long shot. I think m&m will be my next purchase, once I have my C.L. goodies paid for first. My logic: the boards give consistent and smooth results. I could do the wheels first, but then I am still doing free motion and subject to whoopses and inconsitencies. C.L. should offer a jumpstart to professional results right out of the box without changing anything else (judging by the results from my R&S board so far). Or at least I am hoping and praying it will! I should know in a few weeks if I am correct or a fool!

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  11. I live in Central Alberta. Once I was comfortable with my machine and was wanting to do customer quilts. I approached my small guild and told them my shingle was out for business and to jump off my business I was offering a panto sale for 1 month I gave them 25% off which for me was 1 1/2 cents from my regular 2 cents. I selected 3 easier pantos for them to chose from. So from my guild of 12 people I got 10 quilts for that month. then told them that if they refered me to a friend and they brought me a quilt to have quilted I would give them a 10 % discount on their next quilt. This encouraged them to talk about my quilting business with others. This did bring in new customers. I also did charity quilts for my big guild (75 people) at this guild when the charity quilts are show at the meeting they give the quilter credit for their quilting this gets the word out without hounding people , at this guild there are about 8 quilters for hire so I let my work speak for me I started a facebook page and show my work on there I was able to show a pretty special quilt that went viral and now i have a customer from the states sending me her tops. I also live on a farm and really enjoy piecing so do not want to be bogged down with quilting. Start small get business card leave at your local or not so local quilt stores. Alot to digest but do what works for you. Good luck with your business Jacualine
  12. That is exactly when it hits me I have actually gotten up in the middle of the night and jotted down my idea . I do my best designing in the middle of the night. LOL
  13. Thank-you I could not find the perfect border so I had to make it I love the small details I know nobody else would be that crazy to do that so It is a one of a kind .LOL
  14. It took me a long time to find a border that framed it properly Sheri. I found a seed packet panel and cut them all apart and added large borders of black then did a bunch of math . I cut them into wonky blocks half going one direction and half going the other direction. I think it is perfect frame. Well worth the effort to see the look on his face.
  15. It does go down a bit but I would rather not take that chance. How tight do you have your sandwich rolled. You don`t want to bounce a coin off of it .It is just a mater of tighten and loosen both the top and bottom till they play well together and hold hands in the middle of the sandwich I say. Good luck
  16. Enjoy your time and do make time for yourself it is important.
  17. I Made this quilt a few years ago. I bought a fat quarter bundle at Huston one year of fruits and vegetables I added a few other fat quarters and wanted to make a quilt for my son in law. He has a CSA Vegetable farm where people buy shares in his Crop and he delivers organic vegetable to them through the growing season. I have made him Vegetable printed shirts for a number of years and he wears them proudly. I designed a pattern to utilize my fat quarter to the fullest. I was able to make 4 quilts out of the fat quarters I large Jar quilt a small jar quilt a jig saw baby quilt and a other baby quilts using blocks and I had a 2" x 3" piece of almost all the Fat quarter left over. I love it when the perfect quilt goes to the perfect person. I was able to show this in the Local Quilt show this year and it was time to send it to its forever home. I know he will love this for a long long time.
  18. This is such a darling quilt....I Love the design you are quilting also. Well done.
  19. Good Morning and Happy Easter Everybody. Here is a customers wall hanging I worked on yesterday. I love sunflowers and she sure captured the flower magnificently before and after photos. I hope you enjoy your day will be spending mine with all of my Family.
  20. thank you Cagey and Happy Easter to all my APQS family
  21. Hi Cagey This was a customers quilt. This is what I had to work with. The wings had to extend into the V or the V would have been wonky. it is hard to figure out the areas I wanted to divide on the circle.As for the lettering yes she said to read starting on the top and go around to the bottem.
  22. yes she did the homecoming project also the geese were perfect for here project .Bernice