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  1. thanks Madelyn I will doodle that and see if it comes together. Terry
  2. I have a great way to clean your dirty hands works great for greasy hand also My husband uses this.... Put about one tablespoons of sugar in your hand squeeze about 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap I like Dawn but any will work . rub hands together and the mixture works like a pumice hands come out clean as a whistle and everybody has these ingredients around. Hope this helps Terry
  3. Thank-you for your suggestion I am thinking soft feather would be a good choice. I like the idea of adding detail in borders and in the center heart.
  4. Hi am new to the forum. I have been reading the forum for two years. I bought a used Millie last May and am loving it. I am working on getting better at quilting some days are better than others. I am doing this quilt for my oldest daughter and am wondering if some of you may have suggestions on how I should quilt this I have sketched out several designs just unsure as I am new to trying to design the quilting. any suggestions would be appreciated Thank- You SEW much you people are sew talented