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  1. this is a wall hanging that a friend of mine did to celebrate Canada's 150. This piece is about 40" across. It was a bit challenging to figure out how to divide it up and then what to do in the areas. I used the geese as an inspiration. She was very pleased.
  2. Great Job Patty Jo I love the quilting especially the yellow border that one really caught my eye and is very interesting.
  3. that is what color the lady who did the mystery used. I thought I would make it in my daughters favorite color purple as a wedding quilt. She still is not married
  4. That is the one that hangs in my bedroom. I made him 63% of the original size.
  5. click on the link to see close up pictures of my three elephants I had on display at our local Quilt show.
  6. This is amazing Lisa well deserved award for sure. Thank-you for sharing
  7. it is a beautiful quilt What color did you make yours Libby?
  8. Kathy it was a good thing it was a mystery or I might not have tackled it. LOL
  9. Our guild did a mystery a few years ago. I redesigned the corners and added a scalloped edge to mine the original pattern is called eureka a variation on a log cabin block with an awful lot of angled seams. the beast measures 120 inches square. I know this is a bit blurry smehow in the translation it gets that way it is better on my Facebook page if you want to look there. https://www.facebook.com/Terry-Rowland-T-Row-Studios-1760287557532867/
  10. Here is my oldest daughters wedding quilt. She will be celebrating her 3rd wedding anniversary in a month. I was not good at feathers back then and knew I wanted to do feathers and with the coloring of the quilt being so muted it was like doing a whole cloth sort of. I wanted to have some interest so knew I wanted to divide it up some. I finally after two and a half years figured out a design and finished it in time for the quilt show. I took a short video to try and get a better Idea of the what I did with the stitching. Hope this turns out. Enjoy
  11. Thanks Dell they truly a magical I just love seeing them
  12. thank you Libby I had a great week-end a once in a lifetime event
  13. Mary Beth I am so sorry for your loss I had a daughter that went through this a couple of years ago she was only 3 months, but it as so hard we worked through it with them. Now we are blessed with a three month old. My thoughts are with you and your family through this difficult time.
  14. Yes I made the orange one for me I shrunk it to fit a wall in my room and then when I was teaching a class I made the aqua one as a step by sample and just finished quilting it before the quilt show. I likely did not post them Here.
  15. Good morning everybody I had an amazing time this week-end at our local show I have one picture to show you of my quilt that won our guild's Challenge this year. The challenge was Canada 150 years we were suppose to make something that reminded us of Canada. I wanted to create the Northern Lights, They are so beautiful in the Northern area so I added the Inukshuk to my small 20"x 20" piece. I call it Norther Magic This is one of the pieces that has been selected to go to Toronto in June. I hope you enjoy my piece.
  16. Beatrice that is an Oh my Gosh quilt. Yes just keep making Nine patches you need a Lot of them but is so rewarding to accomplish that quilt. Betsy that is a pattern called Abilene by Laura Heine...be careful those are very addictive. Thank you everybody for the kind word I had an amazing time showcasing and talking to people about my process to making my quilts. It is time to res,t recoup, rewind, and get back at it. I will post closer pictures when my daughter gets them to me.
  17. Edited post with a short video tour of my Featured quilted area at the show. I Hope you enjoy I will post pictures of my quilts next week I am so excited today is our local Quilt show. I have been named one the feature quilters at our show . This is quite and honor I am given a special area where 20 of my own quilts will be hung. I have selected some of my favorite quilts I have made over the years as well as some new ones I got done under the wire. I also have 7 more that are in the actual show. I am looking forward to sharing my quilts with everybody in the Red Deer and surrounding areas. My Daughter is coming today before the show stars and photographing my quilts I will show pictures after the week end. Here is the before picture of 22 of my quilts yesterday morning as I was packing them up. Have a great week-end I know I will enjoy all the visiting Laughing and shopping ans Sharing that goes with this kind of event.
  18. If We use our machines they will need work periodically and I am more than Happy with the effort the service department put into helping me with my minor problems I have had. Thank-you APQS Team
  19. Yes I did have that problem with the leader grips I have switched to Red Snapper and love them. That being said when I advance my quilt I unroll the front so there is not tension in the gripps when it is going under the leveler bar then roll like normal after that I think the leveler bar disengages the grip as it is going under. I hope that makes sense.
  20. Heidi I am happy you are back doing something you love and maybe a bit of normal in your life I love seeing the masterpieces you create.
  21. Such a happy quilt Patty Jo. It is just perfect