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  1. I'm trying to quilt the Prismatic Star quilt designed by Judy Niemeyer. Quiltworx offers a digital pattern set for this quilt. I've spent several days trying to place the diamond feather in the set with no luck. I spent the last two days on the phone with Quiltworx and Grace and all attempts for a work around have failed. Just wondering if anyone else has tried using this pattern and figured out how to place the diamond feather in the rhombus?. Below is what we've tried so far: Placing the pattern in select and sew pattern and also re-sizing in panto and then trying as a single pattern. Bringing the pattern in Design and Create re-sizing and trying to quilt. I've tried all placement options, single, two point, four point, and multi point. I tried recording the area, saving, bringing in to design and create then bringing in pattern and trying to size that way and quilt Grace tried changing the pattern to a square and said Quiltworx should be able to change from a rhombus to a square Quiltworx uses the Statler Stitcher and says they plot every rhombus and then quilt. Grace says we cannot plot that way. Quiltworx said she would try as long as she did not have to re-digitize which I know is a lot of work. The square she sent still does not fill the entire area in quilt path when you try the different points. I told Quiltworx they should place a disclaimer on their site that this does not work with Quilt Path, but they said if the formats are compatible it should work. If anyone has had success please reply:) Thank you, Cyndee
  2. I took this in to my local quilt shop and the owner believes it is definitely Civil War era. Upon closer examination we found some of the fabric is silk maybe from a dress or suit. I haven't had a chance to contact our local appraiser yet, but will post when I have her look at it. There is quite a bit of wear and tear, but the quilt spoke to me when I saw it hanging on the wall and being new to quilting had no idea that it may be that old. Dell - I'll definitely bring to our next meeting because I probably won't get to the appraiser before then.
  3. I recently purchased this quilt and haven't been able to find any information on the stamp. No binding folded over from back and handquilted. Is this from the feedsack era or reproduction?
  4. Hi Dell, Can't wait for your QP to arrive! We can learn to use this great tool together:)
  5. Thank you for responding. I am a member of the QP Facebook group. Can't wait to get home tonight and apply these steps. Thanks again, Cyndee
  6. Hi, I'm a new Millie with QP owner. I've downloaded patterns from websites, but cannot access in QP. I can see them in the QP file when I access folder outside QP program, but not in QP. Downloaded all formats including qli and dxf. Help please? Thank you, Cyndee
  7. Hi, I'm located in Florida. If you're interested in selling please send me a list of items included. Thank you, Cyndee
  8. Hi, Is this still available? If so please send me a message with items included. Thank you, Cyndee
  9. Hi Dell, Glad to here Bobby is home and doing well. Let me know if I can help in any way. Cyndee
  10. Hi Dell, Great news! Continued prayers for a quick recovery. Cyndee
  11. Dell, Praying for Bobby and you this morning. If you need anything in the next few days let me know. Cyndee
  12. Hi, I'm interested in your machine. Please give me a call 904-505-8499. Thank you, Cyndee