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  1. Thanks Charlotte....but this is for big echoing waves across the entire quilt which I have done before without the laser. I was interested in using the laser to have the distance between each wave more consistent. When I echo motifs...I do freehand I ended up finally finding online a right angle post clamp to use both laser posts at a 90 degree angle. Here's hoping it works! Angie
  2. thanks....I missed that thread! That is exactly what I think I needed.
  3. I am interested in using my front laser light for echoing wavy lines to keep them consistent. I am not sure I can achieve that with it on top of the machine. Has anyone attached the light off to the side of the machine head or behind the needle to do this? If so, what is the best way to do this so it doesn't fall off or to minimize vibration of the light. Thanks ahead for any pros, cons or ideas before I attempt to try..... Angie
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