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  1. Hello Leah Chamblee. The machine measurements are 14' 8" long and 4' 4" wide. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to ask. Do you live in Florida? Thanks. Linda
  2. Hi Barb, Don't know if you received my message or not, as it didn't show up here. Yes, my machine is still for sale, and yes, I do have an open toe foot on it already. Thanks Patty for noticing and answering Barb's question about it! Linda
  3. Thank you Cagey. I've never heard of all my threads referred to as a rainbow wall before! Lol!
  4. I'll see what response I get trying to sell it together first. If I sold it alone I would want $950 for it.
  5. Do you still have this die for sale? If anyone else has any Accuquilt appliqué dies for sale, please let me know? Thanks
  6. the summer. If anyone has any dies, please contact me.

  7. I am looking for any Accuquilt dies for either the Studio or Go! Especially the appliqué ones. I am in SW Florida for the winter months and Canada for the