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  1. For Sale in Central Iowa: Moving to an apartment by April 1 and I must sell my machine. APQS Millennium with CompuQuilter 2004 model 14-foot table Power Fabric Advance included Asking $9,500 $9,000 for the entire system—great bargain! Buyer must move the machine. For more information, email: or call 515-729-8911.
  2. Heidi... I low the website.. I entered into Alex Anderson Retreat. However.. It would be great to list all of the classes offered by the instructors , where and when. Thanks..
  3. BarbWetzel

    Claudia's Challenge by JoAnn

    I can't wait to get some of Claudia's fabric.. It is so beautiful. Great Job JoAnn.... Barb Wetzel
  4. That is beautiful... I love the detailed work.. and wish I could do it.. Thanks for sharing the pictures.. Barb
  5. BarbWetzel

    Pictures of Cedar Rapids

    Yes it has been quite a mess here in Iowa... Now it is moving towards Illinois and on down the river... We still have high water here in Des Moines where a friend of mine still isn\'t able to move back into her mobile home.
  6. BarbWetzel

    Tornado Pic

    Wow.. I live in Iowa, and we have had our share of tornado\'s and floods this year. What a picture..
  7. BarbWetzel

    Embroidered quilt

    I quilt embroidered quilts all the time.. if they are small embroideries just stictch around them.. .if they are big.. you may want to quilt through them.. as they will not hold the quilt together at all. Good luck Barb Wetzel
  8. BarbWetzel


    I live in Iowa.. but not flood problems in my area... I live a long way from the River. What a nice idea. I don\'t know about who is without a house irght now. I will see what I can find out... Barb Wetzel Ivy Corner Quilting Altoona, Iowa
  9. BarbWetzel

    When to advertise services?

    Practice, Practice, Practice, until you feel ready... Try to quilt some of your own tops first. Barb Wetzel
  10. Great Job.. It looks beautiful.
  11. BarbWetzel

    Chairs for doing micro-work

    Here is some information on a new one we saw at MQS in KC earlier this month. I want one.. the price is just under $2,000. Here is the website. ,,, A little expensive but worth it. Barb Wetzel Ivy Corner Quilting Alttona, Iowa
  12. BarbWetzel

    jinny beyer quilts

    Wow this is a beautiful quilt... Keep going can\'t wait to see more...
  13. BarbWetzel

    So many friends

    It was great to see you also Myna.... I still want to give you a call about an upgrade.. I just need a little time to get that done. Barb Wetzel Ivy Corner Quitling Altoona, Iowa
  14. BarbWetzel

    Millie's new studio space

    Very Very nice , I love the big sliding glass door that is so close... Barb Wetzel
  15. I got something similar to that at MQS this year.. Can\'t wait to get started.. Barb Wetzel Ivy Corner Quilting Altoona, Iowa 50009