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  1. For Sale in Central Iowa: Moving to an apartment by April 1 and I must sell my machine. APQS Millennium with CompuQuilter 2004 model 14-foot table Power Fabric Advance included Asking $9,500 $9,000 for the entire system—great bargain! Buyer must move the machine. For more information, email: wetzel404@ymail.com or call 515-729-8911.
  2. I like to requite 3 - 4 inches all the way around the quilt... However, my husband's aunt sent over a couple of quilts... They are barely 1/2 inch wider on the sides, and I am sure I will run out of backing before the end. I can see problems all over with this one... Barb
  3. On tip I can give you is always, always blow the dust out of the bobbin area and oil it. Usually every couple of quilts I change the needle also. I always adjust the tension with every quilt I do. I used to have a lot of problems with breaking thread, loose thread and such, but not anymore.... good luck....It sound like your tension is not correct. Try adjusting the bobbin tension ........Barb
  4. Hi Heba... I use prewound bobbins, I have bought them from APQS. I have found them much easier then wounding my own bobbins. The prewound are on plastic spools. As far as the Hartley Fence, I have one and have tried to use it once. I am ordering a book from Myrna, (she is also on line and has a great website.) I asked her about zippers also, check out her website and see what she has. Barb Wetzel Ivy Corner Quilting Altoona, Iowa
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