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  1. What additional hardware would be required to install this on a non-blissed Millie?
  2. Wow!! That is gorgeous! Your quilting is amazing!!
  3. dbustle

    Pantos for Sale-SOLD

    Emailed for list of pantos and thread. :-)
  4. Many thanks for the suggestions so far! Some great ideas and I love the Jamie Wallen videos!
  5. I forgot to post a picture of the finished quilt. I ended up using Bottomline thread top and bottom.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Not sure I am up to doing feathers yet-I need more practice on those. Thinking about a wishbone design in the outer border. How would it be to repeat that in the white diamond shape?
  7. Any suggestions for some simple custom quilting on this? The only thing I've come up with is doing straight lines in the zigzag/chevron and a motif in the small squares. Or should there be a design/motif in each triangle? The client doesn't necessarily want ANY quilting in the white part of the blocks, but I'm not sure that will look right. The quilt measures 56 x 68 and the zigzag/chevron space is about 4" wide, just to give an idea of the space. Suggestions are GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
  8. dbustle

    APQS Ultimate II for Sale

    Do you have the roller bars that go on the table/frame?
  9. Thanks for the input. :-) Connie - Thank you for the info on Microquilter thread. Think I will get a spool or cone to try.
  10. Gail - Thanks for the suggestions! I actually thought about cross hatching the blocks so maybe there's hope for me yet. LOL
  11. My niece asked me to quilt this for her. So far, the only quilting I've done is pantographs. Would a pantograph be okay on this with the hand embroidery - and if so, what would be a good pantograph? Or can you give me ideas for some very simple custom quilting and/or ruler work? Thanks in advance! Dawn
  12. dbustle

    Easier Machine Movement

    Dumb question, but what kind of wax do you use on the rails?
  13. Thanks for the info and suggestions on the carriage and wheels. Thanks to this forum I was able to locate a smaller anodized carriage that included a set of Edgerider wheels. I have found that lose about 2.5-3 inches of quilting space at the back of the machine with the smaller carriage, but will see if it really hinders me. If so, maybe I will look into having the old carriage anodized and use it. This is an ongoing learning process for me and I truly appreciate everyone's helpful information.