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  1. peanuts#1grammy

    Help: Floating Top & not keeping square on frame

    That also happens to me whether I float the top or put it on roller bar. I always sew a straight line across top and line top of quilt with this, and still as I move down to bottom of quilt it bows. I also would like to know why this is happening. Anyone????
  2. peanuts#1grammy

    2002 Gammill Premier 12 ft table

    What size is this machine? 18" or 20" Diane in N. Florida
  3. peanuts#1grammy

    Where do you buy your pantos?

    I get my paper panto's from Willow Leaf Studios.
  4. peanuts#1grammy

    2008 Millennium 14' Table For sale

    Denise: You have not stated what all comes with this machine, most want to know.
  5. peanuts#1grammy

    Avante for Sale in North Florida

    For those inquiring about this machine, it DOES NOT have the Pro Stitcher.
  6. peanuts#1grammy

    Avante for Sale in North Florida

    I purchased this machine end of 2009 & got it right before Christmas. I am the original owner. It has performed great but now I want a machine with a large quilting area so husband say I have to sell this one so I can buy another.