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  1. Yes Battynurse. The two roller bars go to the front of machine. Other than that just as Jim said. I replaced all three leaders. Purchased IQ & IS. Repacked the gear grease. She runs like a champ. I purchased everything through APQS. Make sure you order some machine oil if you have not already. Initially I had the sides raised slightly but I have since leveled the sides and it is better.
  2. I am interested can I come see it? I am around the Houston area?
  3. Would you consider shipping at buyer's expense? If so would that deflate the price at all?
  4. Hello jimerickson & chickenscratch thanks for your replies. Sorry I have not slowed down to respond, so my husband is VERY handy......do tell? The wooden table is 120" / 10 ft by 25 1/2" wide. So we have inquired about tables/ & everything else a newbie would need to check out and wowzers is there alot to know/learn/remember! But I am determined!! Saving money to purchase new table for now.
  5. Nigel and others thank you for responses. I am actively communicating with a couple re: purchasing I/Q. The latest is.... Because I have ULT II it does not have a definite single stitch button...that I will also in addition need I/S regulator OR I/S needle positioner. So I am opting to go with the IQ +IS. I am a very happy person.
  6. I have Ultimate ll with 10ft wooden table & vertical wheels. Looking for opinions -guidance...... What other options for tables are there? I am looking at purchasing the I/Q. Thanks for your input in advance.
  7. Curious.....slightly off topic I have been told that there really is no need to put I/S if you have I/Q. Can anyone elaborate? I also read somewhere and pardon me I do not remember where, but someone had posted that they were not installing I/S anymore? It was on yahoo,fb, or here.
  8. They were just offering a $500.00 discount around Christmas time if you bought both, the IQ & IS? I hope they would still offer if you buy both................ I do understand since they have to make arrangements to come and put them on your machine. Do you use IQ or Quilt Path?
  9. So I got an email that they were opening, I am excited! Do they have the Quilt Path on site?
  10. Oh wow, Thank you to everyone who shared info. I am overwhelmed. I don't know why it wouldn't be enough machine it just ticks away never missing a tune. The thread is a problem, the user is the needs fine tuning =}. I think when I get all the missing pieces I should be okay.
  11. Hello My aunt just gave me this longarm machine in June 2014. It is an APQS Ultimate ii machine. I cleaned and oiled it as directed. I am still waiting on her to find and mail the manuals and clamps. I am itching to use this machine. Besides being a relatively new quilter I just wanted to know from some veteran quilters any tips or tricks. I cannot find much on this machine. How to thread etc.? I did thread it the way my aunt told me and bought new thread but my thread keeps breaking almost immediately. Please help
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