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  1. Thank you everyone. Thanks to all the great support responses and a phone call to APQS I was able to figure out the bobbin; it worked perfectly. I'm certain I sounded like a little girl in a candy store when I reached success; even the tech. on the phone was laughing. My husband and I discussed that the leaders on it are ragged/dirty near the ends; so we are going to use my mother-in-law's huge dinning room table (what I usually use to sandwich and pin my quilts on) to cut off the ends and then test out the machine while I'm in the process of making new ones. Plus it is a rainy day he
  2. Hello Everyone I'm completely new to using a longarm machine; only used them a few times at shows for a few minutes. I was able to purchase a used Ultimate II with a 14ft metal frame at a country auction earlier this week. My husband and I have recently gotten it home and set everything up. I need to replace the leaders which I have been reading about online as they are dirty and have many holes in them. The machine does work as I have turned it on and had it running. My problem is with the bobbin. I can't figure out how to get the needle to pull up the bobbin thread. Do I have